CoGxx Smite Tournament Trailer

CoGxx Smite Tournament Trailer

Story Board and Design by Seth Anghelo

COGxx came to us with a fun project to create and Video identity for one of the teams that they were going to sponsor for their SMITE tournament.

Playing on the Teams Name (Cognitive Gaming) we thought of the idea to incorporate cogs into the teaser for the tournament.

Cognitive Gaming being an all girl gamer team we wanted to make something fiery yet strong. and of course adding the GG (meaning Good Game, a motif that gamers usually say at the end of a match) at the end was what we would like to call a stroke of genius.

Cognitive Gaming and LOTR were very please with this project. However, this being a rush projet we took a little over three days to get it all done and set up for them from story boarding to render.

On a side note, the most fun weve ever had adding sound effects to a brand video was the dynamite sounds before the gates open revealing their logo.

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