Colorful Kiran

Colorful Kiran

Colorful Kiran

Before heading out to the Citadel a few days ago, we hung out at Tahrir waiting for the West Pointers to show up. Unlike Egypt’s normal cloudy and rainy afternoons, this day was fortunately pretty shiny so I had a little fun with my new 70-200mm. Took a bunch of fun shots, including grabbing this shot of Kiran mid-laugh while she was seeking refuge under the shade a street sign.

I love this photo. It isn’t too saturated, is it?

Alas, Kiran has left Cairo for a few days to head to the UAE to visit family for Eid. Not sure what I’m doing for Eid passed watching the Saints thrash the Vikings and then going to pray at Al-Azhar, but Sofi and I need to get on it quick. Have fun, Kiran! We’ll miss you.

Don’t blame Kiran for the hair, blame Egypt.

And I was just joking when I said Egypt’s normal weather is cloudy and rainy. I don’t think Egyptians even know what rain is… aside from the AC water dripping on their heads in Downtown 😉



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