Copper-throated Sunbird (Leptocoma calcostetha)__DSC6435-1

Copper-throated Sunbird (Leptocoma calcostetha)__DSC6435-1

Copper-throated Sunbird (Leptocoma calcostetha)__DSC6435-1

Copper-throated Sunbird (Leptocoma calcostetha / Nectarina calcostetha)
Kelicap Bakau (Malay)

The Copper-throated Sunbird is found mainly in mangroves, but also coconut groves and coastal scrub. Singapore and in fact Sungei Buloh Nature Park, is said to be one of the few places where there is good chance of seeing this bird!

Sunbirds eat insects but are best known for sipping on nectar. They have a typical long, slender, decurved bill with fine serration along the margins of both mandibles. Their tongue is tubular and deeply cleft.

Although it is said that they cannot hover like a hummingbird (which is found only in tropical Americas), the sunbird can hover briefly. But they do prefer to cling to a nearby stem or vegetation as they sip on nectar. They may "steal" the nectar by piercing through the base of the flower (thus avoiding payment of pollinating services in exchange for the nectar reward).

Like other Sunbirds, the Copper-throated male is more colourful than the female. In fact, females of most species of Sunbirds look very similar. The Copper-throated male has two bright yellow tufts on his sides, best seen when his wings are open. Males are particularly territorial and may defend a good feeding site from other Sunbirds.

Breeding: Sunbirds form monogamous pairs. The Copper-throated Sunbirds breed in April-August.

The female builds the nest, while the male escorts her as she finds and collects nesting materials. She uses fine twigs and leaves to construct a pear-shaped nest with an entrance hole at the top. The nest is usually built in a mangrove tree, 2-6 ft above the ground facing water (a pond or the sea).

The eggs are pale brown with fine markings forming a band around the larger end. Both parents raise the young.

Status and threats:
In Singapore, the Copper-throated is considered rare. While it is not yet on the endangered list, it may may end up there because it is dependent on mangrove habitats which are fast disappearing in Singapore.


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