Countdown To Denver Day 4

Countdown To Denver Day 4 |
This Girl is on Fire- Tracey Walker’s “No Excuse Success Formula

WoW…That girl was on fire!!! Tonight on the Empower Hour Call. Tracey Walker gave us her Success Formula. I call it the Tracey Walker “No Excuse” Formula. This is the very formula she used to become a six figure earner in the Empower Network and it is so valuable you can use it in any business that you are currently in:

Step 1. Find A Mentor and do what they tell you to do. (Point blank…End of Story…If the mentor asks you to jump the only answer is how high)

Step 2. Get Results by any means necessary. The mentor gives of his or her self to give you the keys to success…use them!

Step 3. Share your results and teach others how you did it. (duplication the key to building a massive organization)

Step 4. Edify the people that got the results. Shows people that are watching you. Because guess what? They are watching…That your business really works!

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