Crazy Year!

Crazy Year!

Crazy Year!

Crazy Year indeed!:D hahahah!

Sorry I’ve been busy lately. Because I’ve been working on this!:D hahaha!
It’s Giggles from Happy Tree Friends.:D hahahaha! An absolutely morbid, gore-filled, insane, hilarious tv series.:D

This serves as my New Years greeting to all of you my friends!:) because this is what you’ve given me so far.. One Heck of a CRAZY YEAR!.:D

To 42: Thanks for the trips, the rare bumps outside, the meeting in Serendra, Bonihigh and our Emba days. It certainly got me through a lot of problems. Thank you guys for always cheering me up.:) I love you guys!

To: B1 and BDPP: You guys are the bomb!:D hahahaha! Hospital Duties and boring lectures would mean death without all of your crazy antics, wild imaginations, hurtful jokes and comments and our foodtriping and occasional?!? drinking.:)) hahaha! i love you guys!

To Friends introduced by C:
Hey.. you guys have been great.:) supporting us in every step of the way.:) Eventhough theres this elmo looking girl that calls me name all the time.. I really appreciate it. It makes my day.:))) hahahahah! Thank you and it was a pleasure meeting each and everyone of you!:) I love you guys!

To C:
Thats you crazy girl!:) inspiring me in everyday and in everyway… Im really happy to have you by my side. You are certainly the best that came in my 2009. I love you.<3

To all my friends: Happy Holidays to everybody and Crazy Happy New Year to all!!:) -Fran

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