Credit Report Clean Up – The Amazingly Simple Process

Picture this, you walk onto a new car dealership. It can be any brand, what ever your favorite is. You spot a sporty new vehicle making love me eyes at you. You hear it begging you to take it for a test drive. You circle the vehicle looking it up and down like your at a singles bar checking out your next ex-“roommate”. You peak through the windows checking out the sinful comfort and picturing how good you can make this thing look. Then a charismatic sales person approaches you and tells you just how good IT can make YOU look. His job is done. Your hooked and you want this ride waiting for you every morning.

So the sales person, already feeling the weight of the wad of cash your about to put in their pocket, escorts you to his office and places a book of paper work in front of you. You fill it all out, salivating at the prospect of cruising in your new automobile. Then BAM! “I’m sorry, your application for credit has been denied. You are going to need a co-signer.” I’m sure many of you can picture this, because, well because you have lived it. You have experienced the embarrassment of being denied credit because of a dirty credit report. Well let’s see if we can give that little scenario a happy ending. As you are reading every word of this article I want you to remember the feeling you had when you got turned down for credit. Because after reading this article that’s the only way you will ever feel it again. I’m going to lay down the process of credit report clean up.

  1. Get a copy of your credit report. Yes I know, this seems kind of obvious But some of us aren’t as fortunate upstairs as others and this needs to be mentioned. If you have been lucky enough to experience the joy of being rejected for credit, then you will be receiving a letter in the mail telling you why and how you can obtain a free copy of your credit report. If not, just contact the credit reporting agencies and request one. You can do this once a year for free.
  2. Make sure there are no evil lies on your report. Yup, sad to say it, but it does happen. You may have incorrect data on your credit report that is unfairly holding your credit score down and keeping you out of the drivers seat of that new ride. So go over your credit report with a fine toothed comb and dispute any inaccurate data. At this point in your “credit” life you should be hoping there is incorrect data on your credit report. You can use this to your advantage. Not only can you have the false data removed but you can also wipe all mention of your delinquent account from your credit report. You just have to know the right way of doing it. Keep reading.
  3. For goodness sake, pay your bills! Write down all late and outstanding balances. Write the phone number, account number and company name below each balance. Prioritize this list. Meaning, determine what order you are going to pay them off in. Many times you can negotiate with the creditor and pay off the balance in full for pennies on the dollar. I paid off a $1200 balance with $250. It can and is being done. Make a plan to pay them off and stick to it. You may have to pay them off one at a time. The goal is to clear the debt. Just don’t say the wrong thing, like you are borrowing the money. They need to know that you don’t have any money.
  4. Get the filth off of your clean credit report. As you pay off the debts, contact the creditor and ask them to remove the negative entries from your report. They should be willing to do this once they get their money. If they say no, ask again. Every negative entry removed will raise your credit score a little more.
  5. Go back into debt. Once your credit report is clean you can begin the rebuilding process. Get more credit and use it. Just be smart about it. Remember, baby steps my friend.

Now, imagine that little scenario I described at the beginning of this article. Except this time, after running your credit the sales person comes back into the room and flashes you a big smile. Then tosses you the keys to that sexy ride that’s being detailed for you right now. Much better picture isn’t it?

Fact: Thousand upon thousands of people just like you have used these techniques to clean up their credit report. You will not believe how fast and easy this can be done!

Fact: There are many people who use these techniques incorrectly and make things worse! Do not be one of these people! Education is your friend. Make absolutely certain you are fully prepared before you begin this process.

Source by Ken P.

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