Cycle (clip)

Cycle (clip)

Cycle (clip)

“In her video Cycle, the artist escorts viewers through a hypnotic, consumer exchange in latex gloves.

“Hello. Welcome. It is nice to meet you. You look nice. You seem nice. Is this your first time?”

Weber narrates in a soft whisper reminiscent of ASMR videos and guided meditation. Slices of ham and sheets of waxed paper veil and partially reveal a series of the artist’s selfies during her lunch breaks, practicing smiling and wearing deli meat masks as an improvised skin care treatment. The spinning blade of a meat slicer reinforces the repetitive nature of everyday life in a consumer-oriented world. In equal parts comforting, monotonous, and sexualized, the video transitions from predictable rhythms of customer service dialogue into confessional monologue about suburban social expectations and anxieties.” _Amanda Smith / Curator Sounds Good

“Our turkey is cooked in it’s own natural juices, 100% self-absorbed in a cyclical pursuit of autonomous smiles. 100% pure white breast pressed into the flesh of the suburban moms and daughters alike, naturally low in fat, not flat, thinly trimmed and manicured by my hand to ensure the finest, most desirable cuts on the block.”

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