Dating Secrets That No One Ever Told You! Your Flirting Tips For Men Are Here!

In this article, I will share with you the dating secrets that no one ever told you. Flirting or dating tips for men, if you want to call it another way, are what all men in this world want. And you will get them here! Even professionals in the art of seduction sometimes forget about these simple dating secrets…

For a normal kind of guy, there are no such terms as dating secrets or dating tips. And I was such a guy in my teenage years, all the way into my early twenties. Let me recall an event where I kind of goof up everything without even knowing that I was actually dating woman, or at least trying.

I met this girl in my study years when I was 17 years old, and we sort of hit out pretty well. We were able to chat up any topic that came to mind and whatever discussion we had, we were always in agreement. We got to like each other’s company so much that when we were in the social club where we were members, we naturally looked for one another.

The big surprise came one valentine’s day when I decided to date her out for a campus dance and dinner. To my huge dismay, she acted kind of uneasy and seemed agitated with the whole time we were together. After that, I decided to keep our relationship as just being friends. So what went utterly wrong?

Dating Secret #1) Never ever be her friend!

This flirting tip for men can never be over emphasized. Why? The probability of a close friend becoming a intimate girlfriend, let alone becoming sexual partners, is almost a 100% impossible. Of course, if you are someone like me who is so adorable to the women any time, then it is another story altogether.

When I did not understand seduction secrets that give rise to a successful dating relationship, I did not let the dating secrets become me. What do I mean by that? It means that when you are aware that you are out to get that dream girl, you want to make sure at all cost she will take notice of you sexually and not just emotionally.

Emotionally, she was satisfied with my companionship, but that was it. There were no sensual tension to uplift her soul to a level where she began to hunger for mine. Instead, I found out that she was wooed by one of my male friends who was uglier than me 100 times!

It is just that – when you meet up with a beautiful woman, you need to make her feel attracted towards you first. Or else the remaining time she will look at you like some common friend. You could induce some humour in your conversation that will spice things between you and her, or you could elevate yourself to a higher level in some way so as to make her in awe of you. Dating women is just that, if they cannot see the big picture of you in their life, you are strike out!

Dating Secret #2) Do not lose your focus when seducing that beautiful young woman!

Many seduction experts brag about how good they are at seducing any woman they want, but from time to time, they will get carried away and lose their focus to complete their seduction game. And of course those beautiful young women that they are after, will just go away forever! And of course they will not tell such dating tips for men!

But for me, let me share with you my experience…

During my training to four sweet young ladies, I told them of erotic dating women relationships between colleagues at the company and so forth. Besides these erotic stories, there was also much humour in my carefree conversation with them. The art of seduction got them to a sensual longing level, where they decided to date me out!

Immediately I was overwhelmed! What? 4 beautiful babes right here asking me out front? I was so taken aback and delighted that I forgotten what to do next. The moment I let the sexual tension drift too long, by the time the weekend had gone, their stimulus was also gone! I could not get any one of them to continue with the sexual seduction phase, cause there was not any link to make them desire for me again. Logic started setting upon them and they became normal “friends” with me.

I realised the mistake made at not making effort to take charge when the going was hot! For other times when I seduce beautiful young girls, I make a note not to get carried away again but to focus on each seduction phase ever so intensely. And of course with these and other flirting tips for men, those beautiful straight young women always lay with me in the end.

Dating Secret #3) Have confidence! And plenty!

To tell you the truth, all these art of seduction of gorgeous ladies will not happen if for one minute you lose confidence about yourself. In order for you to perfect your seduction ritual time and again, you must practise and perfect your skills at becoming a professional at the art of seduction.

All these dating secrets will eventually make you a better person, not just at flirting with women, but also at becoming a better man at dealing with the many people around us!

Source by Patrick Gan

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