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Everyone considers themselves as deal makers in some fashion. From the time that you were a little boy or girl you were already making a deal. You were trading something with a friend or relative because you wanted to make a deal. You made a deal with your parents. If, you followed their rules you traded your obedience for a treat or a reward. How many times did you hear Dad or Mom say “Okay, son, if you get certain marks on your report card, I’ll give you $ $ $. Remember those days?

Well, now that you have grown up, gone through school or survived the tests of the neighborhood, you no doubt experienced the excitement of being a deal maker. When you reached a certain age, and it varies with everyone, you were told by your friends and relatives that you had too much on your plate. Did anyone ever say that to you? When I was growing up, I always heard my cousins or friend say to me, “You have so many projects going at once, why you don’t just get ONE thing done. You never seem to get anything done”.

I’ll bet you have heard that more than once. Well, here is something that I want to pass on to you. This type of activity is a blessing. Yes, you are blessed and don’t know it. You see, all of us have a sixth sense. It works like this. Do you remember when you were young and Mom was in another room. She could not see you through the walls, but she would yell out “Tommy, get out of your Dad’s drawer”. How did she know that you were snooping in Dad’s drawer? It was her sixth sense. The Good Lord gave all Moms’ a sixth sense. How else could they be so protective. Don’t believe me? How about Granny when she knew when you were in trouble? You could never lie to her when you came home because her sixth sense knew different.

We all have a sixth sense. Some folks realize it and utilize it and others are not aware of it and go through life never utilizing it. Here is how your sixth sense functions as a deal maker. Many times you have projects to do or deals, to make. They are either in your mind or organized on your computer. The majority of use never organizes, our thoughts. So, we lose some great ideas.

Have you ever driven your car, had an idea that was tremendous BUT you forgot it. Try to remember it and you can’t. So, now we get back to having too much on your plate and your sixth sense. Please don’t think this is a layman’s lesson in psychology. This is an example of the things that very successful people have done over the years and we marvel at their ability to make things happen.

Do we call these people, dreamers, visionaries, deal makers, crazy, mentally un-balanced or what? I call them “deal makers”. You are a deal maker but you don’t know it. Here is what happens to deal makers. Yes, they have many things on their plate. Yes, they listen to friends tell them they should get one thing done and then continue until they have a clean slate.

Well, if you are like me and you are one of those people that seem to have so much to do, here is what happens to me and others that I know. When you go to bed at night you have something on your mind that causes you to get up and go to your computer or desk. All of a sudden, your sixth sense tells you that if you take project # 4 and put it with project # 17 and then combine them with project # 22 you have recognized that each separate project has something in common with the others. You and your sixth sense have put these projects together. Some refer to the sixth sense as the sub-conscious mind, but I don’t have the qualifications of a “shrink” to elaborate on that. I just know that sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, go to my computer and put deals together. I then go back to bed and sleep like a baby. Yes, I too am a dreamer, kook, deal maker or whatever you want to call me, but you too are a deal maker. Just be aware of it and let it happen.

Our Mom lived to be one-hundred and two years old. I will always remember her telling us that “the body follows the mind”. At the age of one-hundred she was still sewing on five different sewing machines at the same time. She was featured on a Pfaff magazine at her age. Are her genes passed down? I don’ know, but I’ll just bet that if, you started listening to your sub-conscious mind your life just might last longer.

Regis Sauger

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