Deathbone, Third Blood Part VII: The Blood of Deathbone

Deathbone, Third Blood Part VII: The Blood of Deathbone

Part Conan. Part Beastmaster. Part Deathstalker. ALL Barbarian. This is the EPIC tale of Deathbone friends! When an elvin village is taken over by the goblin warlord Vondruke, and one of their kinswoman Marge is taken captive, a young elf girl named Heatherial must seek out the one they call Deathbone and ask for his help to vanquish the evil. Deathbone, along with his rag tag group of adventurers, decides to take on this quest and bring about peace to their home Muklark once again. Filled to the brim with witty and over the top dialogue and comedy, “Deathbone” is foaming with action and blood, dripping with erotic adventure, and sure to make any warrior queen WET with excitement! Get your pals together, strike up a pint of Mead and chow down on a dragon’s leg, for you are about to witness the most EPIC low budget fantasy action film you have ever seen!

From SRS Cinema LLC
“Awesome underground movies you need to see NOW!”
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