Desperately Waiting For His Call? Why You Need to Stop That Now

If you are a woman who is dating a man and you find yourself frequently waiting for his call you are actually damaging your chances of a long term relationship with him. Most women know that virtually everything they do in a dating situation impacts how the man views them. If you sit patiently awaiting his call day after day you are sending him a clear message about yourself that isn’t very flattering.

Waiting for his call may seem like the thing any considerate woman would do when she’s crazy about a man, but it’s actually not. It’s inconsiderate of a man to say he’ll call and then not. As women we tend to give the man we love the benefit of the doubt and we’ll excuse his behavior by deciding he’s been too busy or other things have come up. The truth of the matter is that if your man was wild about you, he’d call you often. He’d also be begging you to call him. When you make it clear to him that you’ve got nothing better to do than wait to hear from him his interest level in you will drop dramatically.

If you are always waiting for his call, and then you eventually call him asking why he hasn’t been in touch you are damaging things even further. Doing this makes you look desperate to the man in your life. The best thing you can do when a man doesn’t get in touch when he says he will is to focus on other things. Don’t call him, don’t email him and don’t text him at all. Pretend you’ve forgotten his contact information if you need to, but never make the first move. You want him to see that you’re not sitting patiently waiting for him to decide what’s next in your relationship. Instead you are showing him that you are fine without him. When a man feels this from the woman in his life, he’ll work harder to keep her affection.

Source by Gillian Reynolds

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