Digital Learning Environments

Digital Learning Environments

This is a video summary of: Veletsianos, G. (2016). Digital Learning Environments. In Rushby, N. & Surry D. (Eds) Handbook of Learning Technologies (pp. 242-260). Wiley. Download the paper from:

Digital learning environments are everywhere. Learning Management Systems (LMS) are used almost universally. People learn how to play the ukulele by watching YouTube videos. They learn how to grow organic veggies by joining Facebook groups. And they join a vast array of specialist communities that help them improve their skills, from knitting, to drawing, to managing their finances. All these technologies, resources, and platforms that people use to learn online, is what I call digital learning environments. What are some important issues that researchers and designers need to know about digital learning environments?

This video features the song Sunday by cdk (c) and the image Ukulele girl both available under Creative Commons licenses.

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