Dirty Talk Online

Chances are that if you’re reading an article about talking dirty online, then you are having some difficulty engaging in naughty-chat or are anticipating some difficulty do it. Relax! Talking dirty online, believe it or not, is far easier than trying to do it in person or even on the phone. That is why it is one of the best ways to learn how to talk dirty.

You may be at a loss for impressive phrases, but in terms of mustering up the nerve; no nerve required thanks to the anonymity factor of having the computer screen-not to mention miles-to hide behind!

To pull of online dirty chat, you need to stop being your own enemy and worrying about looking silly or slutty or anything other than sexy! You lack of confidence will show in your choice of words, so realize that if he is taking the time to sit at computer and type away, then he wants to be there having that hot chat with you-so what’s to doubt?

If you were to be talking dirty in person, then you could use toned down language and still get your point across thanks to body language and eye contact, but to give good dirty talk online, you’re going to have to focus on the words and pull out all the stops! It’s time to make good use of the words you were told never to say-not that you’re really saying them anyway!

Another thing that plays a part in how to talk dirty online is who you are actually talking to. If you are chatting with someone that you know and have been intimate with, then you can make reference to things that you have already done. It actually make it easier to start in on some cyber sex because you can say something like: “remember when we…” and let it go from there.

While you may not have the easy intro with a cyber-stranger that you’re looking to have some harmless fun with; you really have no reason to hold back as he doesn’t know you from Adam. So feel free to get down and dirty and be the bad girl you’ve always secretly longed to be!

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