Domino Effect

Domino Effect

FT 201 Final Project: Persuasion
A person is setting up dominos in a large empty room, while in another room a girl is sleeping. All the while an alarm is going off and it gets louder and louder. The alarm suddenly stops and the girl is still asleep. A domino falls and the girl wakes up startled. She looks at the time, hurries out of bed, gets dressed, grabs a mint, then heads off to her first class. She gets to class relieved.

Fast forward, she is in another class, then in another class, and she looks tired. Her teacher hands her a paper that makes her disappointed. In the other room, another domino falls over. She gets up and leaves the building. She stops to take a breath of air when she gets a call. The call troubles her, and in the other room more dominos fall.

What happens next seems to go quickly. She bumps into someone on the street and dominos fall. She spills her coffee and dominos fall. She forgets her key and dominos fall. She then goes to find her key that she left in the classroom. She returns to her room and, finally, she falls back into bed. She closes her eyes and takes a nap. She wakes up and grabs the paper out of her bag. She looks at the grade in thought.

In the other room, all the dominos are in tact except for one domino that has fallen over. The girl bends down and picks up the domino. She looks at it and places it up right. She stands up and walks away.

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