Dr. & Mrs. Sherry

Dr. & Mrs. Sherry

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“Joyful” only scratches the surface when it comes to describing Betsy and Jeff’s wedding day. Seriously, y’all, what a celebration this was! These two were as giddy as it gets, and the love they share just makes you want to cry it’s so sweet!

Not only did Betsy and Jeff invite me into their home, but they let me into their hearts, and I truly felt like family all day. I have so many favorite moments and details from the day – her sweet daddy getting to see his little girl down the aisle and dance with her, their children fully supporting and embracing their parents’ love, the way they got so excited to finally call each other “husband” and “wife” – ahhhhh! I am just so excited for y’all to click play!

Dr. and Mrs. Sherry, thank you for choosing Bright Frame Films to capture your most special day.

Praise the LORD for sweet love and for creating the beautiful, sacred covenant of marriage in the first place.

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