Awareness Seminar on Biofortification of Zinc Wheat was organized by the Association for Gender Awareness & Human Empowerment (AGAHE) in Lahore District on Wednesday, May 11, 2022 with collaboration of Civil Society organizations working for the betterment of farmers on "Bio-Fortification of Wheat crop in Pakistan". In which farmers were urged to cultivate zinc wheat and its usefulness and increase supply of zinc wheat will be discussed.
18% of boys and girls are deficient in zinc, these views were expressed by the government and agricultural experts in an awareness program. Emphasis was laid on the cultivation of Akbar – 19 and Nawab – 2021 varieties of wheat rich in zinc contents.

Dr. Anjum Ali Bhuttar, Director General of Agriculture, while talking to the farmers, said that zinc is a metal, which is also called an essential element of human health, because a small amount of zinc is essential for human health. These new varieties of wheat contain up to 50% zinc, which is especially beneficial for the health of children and women. He advised to the participants how can be harvesting done separately and ensure the segregation from other non-fortified wheat varieties.

Munawar Hussain (Harvest Plus Pakistan) said in an awareness program that since our body cannot make zinc on its own, it is necessary to take it permanently in the form of medicine or food to make up for the deficiency of this food in our body. Since the epidemic, doctors and experts have advised people to take zinc and vitamin medicines. Can also get from,

Dr. Imtiaz (Harvest Plus-Pakistan) hopes that these new varieties will diversify the existing wheat genetic pool, and help sustain the production process, and will help boost agricultural production across the country. Will Talking to the participants, he said that these varieties of zinc wheat should be kept separate from other varieties to ensure supply of zinc rich wheat.

Mr. Mubarak Ali Sarwar, Chief Executive Office (AGAHE), while talking about the importance of cultivating new varieties of wheat and keeping it separate from other varieties of wheat, said that micronutrients are very important for human health and development. Zinc deficiency increases the risk of stunting, loss of immunity, respiratory problems, and diarrhea.

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