Exciting Ways to Tempt a Woman – 5 Techniques to Lure Her Into Your Charms

Tempting women to have a piece of you is something most playboys are notorious at — and something you can learn to master as well. You see, women aren’t really that hard to please — sometimes, it’s just you making all that fuss and pressure on yourself. Loosening up and being able to relax can help you go a long way and even make things a lot easier with you. You don’t even have to have a major make-over to make it all happen — all you need is to condition yourself to have the proper mindset and right attitude to make everything possible. So below are just a few exciting ways to tempt a woman – learn the five techniques to lure her into your charms!

  • Always smell irresistibly sweet and nice. Scents are a good way to attract the opposite sex especially if you couple it with looking good. Of course, all girls would like to be around someone who looks and smells good — it makes them get that uncontrollable need to get near you.
  • Learn the basic flirting techniques.Flirting is a must when you’re out with a couple of women — it’s a great way to spice up the atmosphere and to heat things up. So maintain eye contact, grin, wink and initiate a little intimacy — things will be much interesting when the night progresses.
  • Know how to carry an interesting conversation. Being able to talk good is an advantage. But if you don’t have this gift, try to learn from others. Go out more often. Being able to talk good attracts more girls. Keep her interested by keeping her guessing. Nothing beats a guy who knows how to handle a conversation.
  • Be aggressive and passionate. Being too serious and unemotional will absolutely bore the hell out of her. Most women would find you quite attractive if you know how to express yourself and show your sensitive side every once in a while. Don’t be too self-conscious — sometimes, it’s all about letting go and make things happen to their own accord.
  • Always keep her guessing of what’s next. Don’t spill everything out. Make her express her thoughts, it’s a good way to lengthen your conversation and spend more time together. Make her share her own ideas so that you can learn more about her.

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