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September 27, 2010

Waking this morning to the cool fresh thin air that fills the Sierra Valley. Our apartment is surrounded by mountains dressed in pines, with deep grey granite exposed to provide a sexy appearance. A lady of strength yet elegant. She has survived the centuries of hazardous weather. Adorning a fresh fluffy coat of snow, then at times covered in nothing exposing her beauty.

A deep blue lake crowns her day apparel complimenting her beauty. Evenings she wears a crown of glistening diamonds that are enhanced by the clean clear moon filled skies above her. A gentle morning breeze softly and gracefully dances around her, warming the weather to the low eighties, though the evenings are cool reminding the visitor that the weather could change at the drop of her crown.

Our apartment over looks the gondola that will escort you up the lady’s muscular figure to a level of nine thousand feet. Mid way up her, is a view of the entire valley providing the onlooker the true beauty of this habitat that was once occupied by native American, who understood that she may appear muscular, but she was also fragile if treated incorrectly, after all she is a lady.

She provided both Native Americans and creatures, large and small with the nourishment for a hardy existence along with the protection from the harsh environment, when needed. She cradled them in her arms as a loving mother.

Creatures of the sky or land, large, medium and small in stature, that roamed her surroundings trying to protect her from those of white skin, those who stripped and raped her from all her natural clothing, from her riches. She and her loved ones fought back taking the ability of existence from their body and escorting their soul to hell. She and her loved ones fought to their own defeat allowing these white skinned individuals to strip her to fulfill their greed. Not replenishing her natural resources. Killing the habitat that would house both creature and Native American.

Generations would pass through not understanding the elegance and beauty of this lady. Unprotected by the creatures that should exist in her home. She was unable to provide for them, creature or Native American.

Quietly, the Native American pointed out to those who would listen the benefit of clothing her, providing the jewels of her crown. Establishing all that once covered her in elegance. She would be allowed to give back to not only the creatures, the Native Americans, but to the white skinned individuals. And she has, allowing them to establish means to feed their greed. Weakening areas of her muscular body. Weakened but not defeated.

She whispers to me that there will be a day that she and those that she invites back into her care, will take all the greed away from the white skinned. She will destroy their means that feeds their greed. She whispers quietly in my ear that she has joined forces with all that make up the lands of this country. Together they will drive those out who have raped them of their dignity. They are uniting not only of this country but with all countries and all the forces of nature. Earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes, rains, and more natural forces are in training to destroy all that the white skinned have constructed. They have demonstrated their power during training exercises. They have indicated the power and forces that will someday occur humbling those who continue to strip them. Those who suck the life from not only these surroundings but from deep within their souls and surroundings throughout this world.

She whispers these warnings and these truths quietly into my ear along with those who love her from their birth. She tells us that she is our mother that some day she will provide for only those that do love her. Until that day, take in her beauty, learn her secrets, her resources so we can return to her protection when the time arrives.

September 28, 2010

Below the base of the Sierra’s that tower above the Carson Valley floor nestled along that towers base on highway 206 lies Nevada’s oldest town, established in 1851. This town also is home of Nevada’s oldest bar, established in 1853. The exterior has not changed for over 150 years, nor has the interior, still has the original cobwebs.

Imagine being transported back to 1853 and being a regular patron of this fine establishment. You would sit at one of the tables or stand at the bar in discussion with the bar keep. You are smoking a fine cigar and drinking a tall beer or a glass of wine. Your conversation is interrupted by a tall gentleman, wearing a white sear sucker suit, complimented with a vest that houses a watch attached to a gold chain. His dark curly hair and dark upper lip mustache compliments his facial features. He, also, is smoking a cigar, and exhales a sweet smell of smoke that swirls around his head as he enters through the open door.

The bar keep places a shot of whiskey and a mug of beer on the bar top, for this gentleman, without even being instructed on the type of beverage he would prefer.

“Good day Mr. Clemens,” greets the bar keep.

The bar keep introduces you to Mr. Samuel Clemens reporter for the Territorial Enterprise. You extend your hand and he firmly grips yours and shakes your hand with a strong firm confident motion. He smiles, quickly swallows his shot of whiskey following the gulp with a long draw from his mug of beer.

Glad to meet you sir. You will find these parts respectable and should you decide to settle here, no better place to raise fine quality beef.

You inform him that your destination will be Virginia City, that your employer has assigned you as manager of a silver mine in those hills. That you will be sending funds for your family in San Francisco once you settle into the company home.

“How long have you been here in Genoa, sir?” says Mr. Clemens.

“Two weeks, taking a little time before jumping head strong into the task of managing the mine, Mr. Clemens,” you reply.

“Then, you have heard of the culture and class of individual that resides in Virginia City. You must know all to well that Virginia City can lean on the rough side for a family who is accustom to the class of life style within the limits of a city like San Francisco?” States Mr. Clemens.

“Sir I am well aware that Virginia City models itself after all other mining towns and that the miners of those towns can embarrass the hide off a sailor. But the times of this economy that this country is experiencing, one is lucky to be employed at all, never the less being given the luxury of choice of the environment that one is employed and works. My wife and I have had experience with such towns, our son was conceived and born in such a town before moving to San Francisco.”

“Then fine sir, we shall meet in Virginia City, for I have accepted a position of Editor in that city.”

Mr. Clemens swallows his last volume of beer and we shake hands. He departs his leather soled shoes clicking on the wood boards as he walks out through the doors.

You smile broadly knowing that you have just socialized with a man that would some how make a big impression on those he comes into contact with. Knowing that you have just made a friend that you will share many good conversations with in Virginia City.

Glancing around this lovely establishment allows you to take in the many pictures, erotic in nature and composition, you smile knowing the Virginia Cities local thirst establishments must be decorated in the same fine decor.

You peer into the diamond mirror mounted behind the bar, and catch a glimpse of a gentleman entering behind you through the same doors that you yourself entered. This gentleman’s strikes a note of familiarity within your memory, a note that causes you to turn quickly providing you with the advantage of full view.

President Ulysses S. Grant has just entered, bellied up to the bar and orders the same beverages that Mr. Clemens consumed. The Bar Keep serves him stuttering his acknowledgement to the President. The President is accompanied by four northern military soldiers, standing post at the front and back entries.

As you are transported through the time table of history, you witness patrons of this establishment as Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, Carol Lombard, Clark Gable, Lauren Bacall, Richard Boone, Ronnie Howard, Red Skelton, Cliff Robertson, and every Nevada State Governor. Many of these individuals joined the poker games that where underway while they visited.

John Wayne, Walter Mathau and Joe Don Baker, Clint Eastwood, James Cann, Kathy Bates, Rob Rainer, Richard Farnsworth and Ann Margaret have patronized this old lady.

No bar is complete without her music and she was equipped with her piano and the several musicians that caressed her ivory and ebony keys. Music notes were accompanied by Willie Nelson, Charlie Daniels, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Silm Pickens, John Denver and Captain and Tennille. Singing and playing at their best while consuming the best of alcoholic beverage, and encouraged to continue by the locals, but never so pressured that these individuals would not enjoy the relaxing social time that they so dearly needed.

This bar has experienced such lively entertainment and brought out the best, that women wanted to be memorialized. Ladies would stand, remove their “T” shirts or blouses, and their bras, passing their bras around having all sign it to be hung from the antlers of the deer head mounted on the wall. There has also been the entertainment of Ms. Raquel Welch, upon lively encouragement, she agreed to participate in memorializing her time spent at the bar. But first, the agreement was that all other bra’s had to be removed and only her’s shall be hung upon the stags antlers. To this day, the stag grins from ear to ear and Ms. Welch’s leopard bra hangs from his left antler.

Genoa Bar will bring a smile to your face even without the consumption of alcohol.

Travel east from Genoa to highway 88, turn south following this road through hope valley. If you are visiting late September through November you will have a photo opportunity of the changing seasons. Junction 88 and 89 has a cross over bridge of the Carson river and wide open plains surrounded by pine covered mountains. All of Mother Natures formal wear is on display here. She will perform a personal runway of her various designer wear for you.

October 2, 2010

Exploring around the area, either by car, by foot or a combination of both you will find many advantage points to look thirty plus miles over the Carson Valley or over the Lake filling the bowl created by the surrounding mountains.

There are three fire lookouts within the Tahoe Basin area that will provide you with these types of advantage points.

Source by Don Gracey

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