Fail : Hina Khar, Financial Adviser of Failed Pakistani Economy.

Fail : Hina Khar, Financial Adviser of Failed Pakistani Economy.

Fail : Hina Khar, Financial Adviser of Failed Pakistani Economy.

Hina Rabbani Khar (Urdu: حنا ربانی کھر ) (born 1977) is a Pakistani member of parliament, affiliated with the PPP. She served as the State Minister for Economic Affairs and Statistics (without any real world experience or academic qualification) as National Assembly member of PML-Q in (2003-2007) & as an MNA and adviser to Prime Minister for PPP (2008 – Present). Q was heavily defeated in 2008 Elections due to economic mismanagement and shortage of food, water and energy. Q refused the ticket for re-election in 08 to Hina Khar. PPP resuced Hina Khar by offering her the ticket in 08. She is PPPs federal minister these days.

Hina Rabbani Khar is rich and famous privileged daughter of feudal politician Ghulam Noor Rabbani Khar who was ineligible for elections because he did not have a university degree and niece of infamous playboy ( chief minister of Punjab Ghulam Mustafa Khar, who abandoned Bhutto and was exiled from Pakistan for a decade in 77 in a deal with General Zia, to avoid jail time. The Khar political lure comes from the family’s land holdings: their sprawling estate includes fisheries, mango orchards and sugarcane fields manned by thousands of poor workers of Punjab.

Khar received a B.Sc. from Lahore University of Management Sciences in 1999 and went on to earn a M.Sc. in hospitality trade and tourism from the University of Massachusetts in 2001. In 2008, she was named to the World Economic Forum’s list of young global leaders.In 2008, Hina was elected as a member of National Assembly with a ticket from PPP from the constituency of Muzaffargarh, Punjab. She is adviser to Prime Minister of Pakistan on Economic and Financial affairs.

She owns an upscale ritzy restaurant Polo Lounge with expensive european menu… in Lahore. She Says: This is a place for people with discerning taste who can appreciate good quality food and (upscale) environment.Her dream is to become Prime Minister of Pakistan one day and possibly join PML(n) in next government. She regards Musharraf and Zardari as visionary leaders.

And talking of failures, it was most interesting to see Hina Rabbani Khar vent her ire at the miserable performance of the previous Shaukat Aziz government. It is amazing how some of our politicians change their views and loyalties effortlessly in tune with changing times. It was not that long ago that the same Hina Rabbani Khar could be heard praising Shaukat Aziz and his economic genius to no end. Of course at the time, she was sitting on the PML-Q occupied treasury benches. Being a wily Khar after all, she smelled the change in the air and joined the PPP a few weeks prior to the general elections and she is, once again, looking pretty and sitting pretty as always on the treasury benches. On a second thought maybe her politics is constant: that of occupying a treasury bench. Period!

She says she loves diamonds, pearls, rubies, designer purses, expensive shades and fast expensive cars. She admits she knows nothing about real economics or finance but loves to give interviews about Pakistan Economy and pretend to be expert. or sit with global financial leaders and sign documents, she says my job is to charm western leadership by looking good. When asked what she likes about her job, after a long pause she replied, frequent free first class trips outside Pakistan, staying in luxury hotels, shopping and receiving expensive gifts.

Our feudal and their kins have always saluted the power and the rule, and their this flexibility has made them the masters of our wretched destinies.

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