Fellatio Tips – Make Him Totally Pleased and Satisfied

Do you know how to give pleasurable fellatio? Have you tried some great ways to pleasure your partner through fellatio? If not then this article will teach you a lot about fellatio.

First thing you should do is to tease him with your lips and hand. Try to do some caressing on his chest, down to his stomach and then to his inner thigh. Remember that the most sensitive part of any man’s penis is the head so make sure to pay more attention on it. Then you should follow your caress with a lick of your tongue. This is one of the fellatio tips for you.

Use your tongue and wet lips to lick the base of his penis then his thigh and then back to the base of his hard possession. But don’t stay there too long, just as I said tease him to let you take him into your mouth. Just try not to touch the walls of your mouth with his penis. When you take him into your mouth, press the head down using your tongue as you open your mouth and put his penis inside it barely touching the walls of your mouth.

Use your tongue and wet lips. Give your partner slow and exciting fellatio. Try some licking styles to see which one he prefers. The lips feel good when positioned right under the rim so make sure to do it right. Follow these simple but erotic fellatio tips and you will surely give him the perfect fellatio experience.

Source by Pauline Hewett

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