Five Must Know Tips on How to Flirt With a Guy Via Texting

Magazines like Seventeen and Cosmo have been publishing articles for years on how to flirt with a guy. But there is a new way of flirting out there, and although some of the old rules still apply, it can be hard to know how to effectively flirt via test messaging. Here are five tips every girl should know about how to flirt with a guy on her cell phone.

Keep the batteries charged! Okay, now that phrase in a traditional women’s magazine article could mean a lot of things, but here they refer solely to the battery for your mobile phone or PDA. If you want to know how to flirt with a guy on your phone, you’ve got to have a phone with power to practice. There is also nothing as infuriating as being in the middle of a hot and heavy text flirting convo and having your phone go dead! Imagine what the guy on the other end might be thinking in this scenario.

Timing is everything. Every girl who has ever given anyone advice on how to flirt with a guy knows that one of the most important things is that you have to maintain a certain level of cool. Looking desperate is never, ever good thing when flirting. So, be cautious about what times you are sending flirty texts to your crush. For example, the 3:00 a.m. text may seem a bit needy.

Repetition is not always wise. Every girl who has studied her ABCs of how to flirt with a guy knows that no respectable cool girl ever calls a guy repeatedly unless he is calling back. But there is just something about the ease of flirting via text messages that presses all the uncool buttons in our heads. No matter how tempting, limit your text flirting to one really great line, and wait for a response. Fifty texts in one hour are not going to do a whole lot for your image of cool and desirable!

Watch those abbreviations. When texting or using online message boards or chat rooms, there are some standard abbreviations that most users know or will be able to figure out. BTW for “by the way” and LOL for “Laugh out loud” are just two examples of this. However, one thing you do not want to do when flirting with a guy is make up your own abbreviations. If he cannot understand what you are saying, your flirting will be completely ineffective. The best rule of thumb to follow is to not use any abbreviations you do not regularly see online.

Less is definitely more. You do not know where your crush might be when he receives your text message, or how busy he might be. If you send him a book, he may be less likely to read your text. Try to keep it short and very funny or very sweet.

Every girl should know how to flirt with a guy, and in this technological age, every girl should know how to flirt with a guy via texting!

So get out your cell phone, and start practicing!

Source by Elizabeth Campbell

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