Flirty Girl Fitness Dance Workout DVD

Flirty Girl Fitness Dance Workout DVD

Flirty Girl Fitness Dance Workout DVD

So you want an effective dance workout huh? Well there is one that many women worldwide are falling in love with. It is a program called Flirty Girl Fitness. This is a breakthrough body makeover system that utilizes simple and fun dance moves from popular music videos to help you easily shape your body.

It all starts with the main Flirty Girl slimming and trimming dance party DVD, which is entitled ‘Booty Beat’ This routine is loaded with super sexy routines from your favourite music dance videos, as well as fun awesome music. In the workout ‘Just Teasing’ you then introduce a feather boa and use it to step up the intensity of your workout and improve your results.

The routine ‘Chair Fit’ then takes any ordinary chair and turns it into your own personal fitness workstation that will build the lean muscle that your body needs to burn fat all day long, even while you are not exercising.

You will be surprised to know that club members at physical Flirty Girl Fitness locations such as Toronto and Chicago pay over $1300 every year to enjoy these classes, which are always sold out. However with the new DVD series anyone is able to have the same experience as the club members, in the comfort of your own home.

This workout system is designed to make you feel longer, leaner, sexier and even supple from doing these simple dance routines. If you have a few minutes everyday, you can fit this into your schedule and watch the pounds drop away.

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