For The Love of America

His finger raised, in response, as I closed mine upon his hand,
I felt rather than saw relief in him, as he realized I would understand!

He clutched the flag on his chest, as a teardrop trickled his cheek,
The words he feebly managed, for he was quickly growing weak!

I leaned in close beside his lips, and made a promise on that day,
I would find his family and speak to them, the things he’d had to say!

He wanted them to know the fight, is never fought in vain,
That all the ones before and aft’, who’ll also suffer pain,

Will gladly sacrifice again, should ever the chance arise,
They’ll walk the ground, sail the seas, take planes into the skies,

For Freedom isn’t free, you’ve heard these words before,
Perhaps it was your neighbor, who got the knock upon their door!

I knelt in Prayer as I watched the strength, ebb from this soldier face,
I knew ’twas soon, he’d be going home, walking in through Grace!

I gently lifted up his head, offered a drink unto his lip,
He managed a smile mostly from his eyes, as he gingerly took a sip!

He whispered the name of the girl back home, who I was to find alas’,
How many the days would prove to be, before I should find the lass!

He said I should take her in my arms, hold her tightly as I shared,
How all the time he was gone from home, he knew she truly cared!

‘Twas this thought he held tight to his chest, as he walked through enemy lines,
He Prayed for guidance on each step, watching out for their buried mines.

The day approached, his return was near, he’d soon be back in the United States,
But then came a call for a volunteer, to lead a mission through enemy gates.

No question in the heart, of this brave hero, he simply waved his hand up as a sign,
As he named off the names, of the men he would take, who so willingly fell into line.

Little did he know this would be the last, of the missions he’d so willingly led,
Or that all of the men who believed in him so, would also be counted as dead!

Through no fault of his own ’twas the manner of war, that claimed those men that day,
I managed to make out his very last words, as I heard the soldier begin to pray,

“Take care of America, Oh Lord My God, help her to remain the Land of the Free,
Cause people to stand in line to vote, for those things they believe should be!

Don’t let them fall for another’s words, ones that nullify why so many have died,
Protecting the rights of each man, woman and child, they know what is right inside.

Take me now as I willingly die, for the Land of the Brave and the Free,
Just make certain America knows who is in charge, and who Her leaders should be!”

With this he closed his far away eyes, his muscles relaxed against the ground,
I knew my chest had held a hero, one who again, would rarely be found!

I would revisit his death to loves ones at home, gladly brag about this man’s worth,
I paused before I removed my coat, covered him there on the cold of the earth,

I whispered into the dark night air, “America you’ve watched such great men fall,
My prayer for those who remain on earth, is that for their beliefs, they will stand tall”

Let the value of everyone who has suffered loss, defending your state of affairs,
Be viewed in line with the results of these costs, and offer for these, your prayers!

Source by Cheryl G Burke

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