The world is at war!

The tragedy is the world does not realise it.

Today Sri Lankan Cricket team was attacked in Pakistan just as they entered the stadium where they were to play an international game against the Pakistan team.

For the past decade or so, perhaps from the year Nostradamus predicted, the world is facing its third world war. A hidden and faceless enemy has declared hostilities against all the others who are not with it. It attacks the way we live; it attacks the values we live; it attacks the freedom we live with; it attacks the very foundation of equality we have attained over centuries of struggle for all faiths, colors and sexes.

From Bali, to WTC, to Mumbai, to Lahore, there is a design. To strike fear in the hearts of the world that is not with it. To make us distrust each other. To create more polarisation and isolate people of their faith so that they swell their ranks.

There seem to be no leaders with steel and statesmanship to take on this enemy. This enemy is the very product of those leaders’ policies based on short term gain.

My heart goes out to the Sri Lankan team that saw death from such close quarters and those valiant Pakistani policemen who died saving them.

Are there leaders who are willing to take charge and save us and our values?

Posted by sharad_2007 on 2009-03-03 20:12:23

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