Free Tips on Attracting Girls – How to Approach a Woman For the First Time

The first impression only happen once, you have one chance to approach any woman you desire but that might not mean the end of relationship if she ran away from you, don’t feel desperate it is human nature to judge people on a first impression. How to approach a woman for the first time is the most crucial step when trying to attract the woman you like. In this article, I will show you exactly how to approach any woman for the first time.

You should consider two crucial factors in approaching women, which are women’s psychology and yours psychology, it is obvious that people usually forget about one and others needy to their depression. Some men are full of confidence but ending up as a total jerk and turning a girl off for the rest of their life while the lessen confidence guys approach women with no hope but being nice to them and ending up becoming their great friend but not ‘girlfriend’, this is because people don’t understand their psychology needs or what the other want.

Most men are ego-centric thinking they fully understand about themselves and simply know the right way to attract women on their own assumption and therefore making it wrong since they begin to approach a woman for the first time. Women don’t think like men do, they are more sensible to feeling than visual object. If you scared a girl away during your first approach a second chance is almost impossible.

The first thing you must do before you approach any women is make sure you are in the right timing, make eye contact to let her know you are looking at her and know your presence. Do not approach her before she knows it, get your female or male friend to walk up to her and ask for phone numbers if you are lacking confidence. It can be a piece of cake if you the one with full of confidence but expect to hear a ‘no’ instead of ‘yes’ otherwise a sudden rejection will make you lose your self esteem.

Approaching a woman is easy than a salesman trying to sell insurance, the difference is it plays with your feeling. The most successful one usually full of certainty and never give up easily if the first or second woman said ‘no’ to him no matter how good he look. It is a matter of the art of approaching.

Source by Jonathan W Valentine

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