GCAP Pakistan Stand Up & Take Action Make Noise for the MDGs 2010

GCAP Pakistan Stand Up & Take Action Make Noise for the MDGs 2010

GCAP Pakistan Stand Up & Take Action Make Noise for the MDGs 2010

In the year 2000 world leaders in cohesive agreement promised and signed a pact to accomplish the 8 Millennium Development Goals by 2015. Ten years have gone by, while the Governments have not done much in this regard. With just five years until the target date the MDGs are off track.

Every year millions of people from around the world remind world leaders of their promise. In 2009 more than 173 million people in more than 100 countries delivered a clear message:
“We will not stay seated or silent in the face of the poverty and broken promises to end it”

2010 is crucial this year world leaders are meeting at the UN to review the Millennium Development Goals that is why this year the campaign was prioritized towards making sufficient overall contribution in the form of events, as well as coverage in all aspects, thus making a standing out and notifying recognition in this years United Nations Ten Year Review Summit.

Pakistan is among the signatory of the Millennium Declaration and agreed for taking steps to achieve MDGs. While international bodies are monitoring progress of Pakistan towards the MDGs targets, independent civil society organizations (CSOs), networks and coalitions are also active.

GCAP Pakistan & Civil Society consultative process on Pakistan Millennium Development Goals Report 2010

On July 7, 2010 the Planning Commission of Pakistan (Government of Pakistan) issued the Pakistan Millennium Development Goals Report 2010 (PMDGR 2010) which is the fourth in the series. The Draft of the PMDGR 2010 was presented in a meeting with selected NGOs by Mr. Akbar Zaidi (a renowned economist) on behalf of the PCP. Having read the report and attend the meeting, GCAP-Pakistan initially decided to hold a Consultative Process on the report with the CSOs of the country and to prepare a report in this backdrop.

GCAP-Pakistan scheduled five the Consultative meetings across the country but due to the devastating flood in the country during August, organized meetings in three provincial capitals i.e. Peshawar, Karachi and Lahore only. However, the meetings in Quetta and Islamabad have been postponed due to the reason cited above. First consultative meeting was held in Peshawar (23-07-2010), 2nd in Karachi (24-07-2010) and 3rd in Lahore (09-09-10). All these meetings were highly successful and attended by learned representatives of the CSOs of Pakistan who actively participated. The process adopted for the consultative meetings was participatory and the participants were divided in groups to discuss the lacunas in the PMDGR 2010.

The report concludes that there are four factors which contributed heavily on the slow moving accomplishment of the Millennium Development Goals. The factors are war on terror, bad Governance, energy crisis and flooding.

Letter to the Prime Minister of Pakistan

GCAP Pakistan & Civil Society through a letter to Prime Minister of Pakistan urged the need to craft a clear plan for achieving MDGs and to announce that plan at the MDG Summit in September. On 14th Sep, 2010 the letter was handed over to Advisor to Prime Minister , Ms. Shahnaz Wazir Ali on behalf of 435 coalition member organizations and civil society networks of GCAP-Pakistan from across the country including: AwazCDS-Pakistan, Shirkat Gah, CCSD, PILER, SEHER, PADO, SAP-Pakistan, Packard Foundation, Development Advocates and Lobbyists, PARC-Networks*, NCE*, World Population Foundation, Aurat Foundation, Taraqee Foundation, WESS, BDCC, SCC, Amnesty International, Anjuman Mazareen Punjab, a network of tenants and farmers , etc.

Publishing & Dissemination of the IEC Material

As part of Stand Up & Take Action, Make Noise for the MDGs 20,000 posters were published and distributed among CSOs, NGOs and GCAP Coalition in Pakistan. The purpose was to inform people about the campaign and to make people conscious to participate excitedly in the GCAP upcoming events. One of the major objectives was also to create awareness and sensitization of the general public through the messages given in the posters about poverty related issues.

Stand Up & Take Action, Make Noise for the MDGs 17th to 19th Sep, 2010

Pakistan stand out pre-dominantly in its action to stand up and make noise campaign for the MDG’S this year. A total number of 77 organizations took part throughout Pakistan, as a whole 200 events were registered from Pakistan out of which 162 were from the platform of GCAP Pakistan from 54 districts in 5 provinces of Pakistan.

Hunger "The Perfect Storm" GCAP Pakistan Press Briefing followed by Opening of the Stand Up & Take Action, Make Noise for the MDGS 16-09-10

There are genuinely sufficient resources in the world to insure that no one, no where, at no time goes hungry.

GCAP Pakistan with the support of approx participation of the 350 people from Civil Society Organisations and youth groups carried out a demonstration in front of the Multan Press Club. Local, national and international press community was on scene to give coverage of the opening event of S.U.T.A 2010. It was a making noise event so in order to fulfill that stipulation steel plate with steal spoons were used, in order to show our support for MDG1. The same events were also carried from the platform of the GCAP Pakistan Headquarters in Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta and Muzaffarabad.

"Education for All" GCAP Pakistan Grand Events 17-09-10

This was a grand event carried out at Government High School Shamsabad for Girls & Boys. Both male and female students attended with a total attendance of over 5000. They demonstrated using Balloon Hooters and posters and demanded that the 42 million children that were deprived of the privilege of Education the Government needs to step up its efforts to fulfill their promise in achieving that goal. Teachers were also of the view that this is a healthy initiative from GCAP Pakistan & UNMC and showed their appreciation by giving their support.

Mark Day 18-09-10

18th September was a Mark day throughout Pakistan and was celebrated by the ringtone activity. The stand up and take action song was used as ringtones on cell phones throughout the country as a source of awareness. Message on the same agenda using special software was also shared and sent to all between the ages from 18 to 25.

Make Noise through red, black & white (SUTA theme colors) bangles activity was also organized from the platform of the GCAP Pakistan on the same day.

PARC Rahim Yar Khan as Hindus was in a larger number as compared to the other areas used their special bells a part of their religious custom to contribute in providing awareness for the millennium development goals.

In other events around the country many different ways were used to stand up and make noise to name a few. Plates and spoons were used in an event, drums, professional bands, dhols, hooters, whistles were also used. Clapping of the hands, musical theatres, dramas, skits were acted out in different events around the country. Walks, rallies, motor bike and car horns can also be added to the list.

Closing Ceremony by GCAP Pakistan 19-09-10

On the last day a special cake was made decorated with event info of the total activities. Mr. Irfan Mufti (Ex Global Director of GCAP), Mr. Shafqat Munir (UNMC Representative from Asia Desk) and Mr. Mohammad Zia ur Rehman also participated in the closing activity.

Even though Pakistan is at cross roads due to the war on terror as well as the flood the campaign was a great success with hundreds and thousands of participants throughout the country. It is our sincere hope that this campaign would create enough awareness locally, nationally and internationally so that a better and break through MDG plan may emerge.

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