Get a Girlfriend Fast – The 3 Minute Girlfriend Blitz!

As you probably know getting a woman is not an easy task, and to trying to get a girlfriend fast is even more difficult. Well I laugh in the face of difficulty and in this article I would like to show you three tips that will put you on the path to finding a girl this very week!

Let’s get into the tactics right!

1. Look at yourself: the first step is to take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror. Stand naked for ten minutes and take in every bit of yourself. Do not judge or feel rubbish, you don’t have to be really good looking to get hot girls. You just need to see who you really are compared to men that find it easy to get women. Then you can just copy them.

There is no point trying to reinvent manliness. Just see where you’re lacking at the moment and fill in the gaps. You should do this quickly over one weekend so it does not drag on for months.

The reason we do this is not really for the women but for ourselves. The problem is that if you have all these bad feelings about the way you look you’re never going to get a girlfriend fast.

If you are having a problem with this find a honest friend to help you find any areas of weakness.

2. Work on your smile: So once you have your look sorted you need to get back in front of the mirror and work on your smile for an hour a day, five days in a row. You need to have a really nice smile that you can give to the ladies.

A good smile shows that you are warm and positive and a good person to be around. This attracts women really fast so make sure you master it before moving to the final step.


3. The next step is something I call the ‘Guaranteed Girlfriend Formula’. Basically what you do is make a plan to go to the mall once a day and ask five girls a question. After a while this will seem easy and you can start to practice your flirting skills.

You can ask them anything but the main thing is that you do it everyday.

After a month you will have spoken to over 100 girls and there is a great chance you will have been on a few dates and might even have a girlfriend already.

A the very least you will have increased your chances of finding a girlfriend by one million percent because you can now talk to any women you like and feel confident.

Good luck.

Source by Chirs Howardson

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