Get Back Together With Ex Boyfriend – Follow These Proven Steps For Optimum Success

Warning: Some of this may fly in the face of what you’re planning to do right now. Make sure you heed this advice!

To begin with you need to perform some damage limitation before moving on to a sophisticated plan that will
hopefully have him back in your arms.

1. Back off from your ex boyfriend. If he’s just finished with you, the last thing he’s going to want is you pestering him. Too often girls let their emotions run wild and in a desperate bid to get back with their ex, they endlessly phone, text, email or turn up on the doorstep of their ex. Then what happens? They plead and beg with their ex to take them back, saying they’ll do absolutely anything for just another chance.
This is a big, big turn-off to all but the most oddball sort of guys who get some sort of a perverted kick out of having girls grovel at their feet. No, most guys would prefer to have some time alone, so let them have it – for now. Also, there’s nothing more pathetic than a desperate girl crying and whining to a guy who’s decided it should all end between you. Besides, do you really want him to take you back out of pity alone?

2. Look at yourself. Why did your ex boyfriend call time on your relationship? Was it due to something you had done? Had you let things go stale? Had you become too dominating? Too possessive? Too jealous? Too demanding? Take a good look at yourself and determine whether there are things you can and will change about yourself if you do get back with your ex boyfriend. For example, some girls become overly possessive and jealous. They give their boyfriends a hard time if they so much as glance at another girl. This is a turn off to 99% of guys. If you’re guilty of this, you could promise yourself to ignore that little green monster and bite your tongue in future.

3. Try and accept the situation as it stands and stop moping about. This can be so hard to do when your heart is breaking and all you can think about is your ex boyfriend. Trouble is, when you’re miserable not many people want to be around you. You must try and occupy your mind with positive things. Get yourself out with some girlfriends, having first bought some new clothes, jewelery, haircut etc. You want to come over as proud, confident and looking good especially when you do meet your ex boyfriend again – the girl he first fell for.

4. Formulate a master plan to get back together with your ex boyfriend. You’ve given him some time alone so he’s bound to be wondering what you’re up to and hopefully he’s missing you too. You are going to make contact with him – maybe by letter or perhaps a short, courteous phone call to see how he is (showing concern for him). You’ll need to be calm and collected and know exactly what you’re going to say (and not say). Once you’ve broken the ice, you should arrange to meet sometime.

Remember that MOST relationships can be rescued if you just go about it in the right manner.

Source by Dale Norton

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