Get Your Ex Back – What Motivates a Man to Go Back?

Are you dying to get your ex back? Has he broken your heart and left you without much explanation for why he has left you or are things just not adding up to you? After all, you were both happy once. You were both so much in love and you thought that his love for you would never die yet here you sit with a pain in your chest that aches for his loving embrace. Do you fear that he will never come back and the pain will never end? The truth is that you can get your ex back and many women every day are successful in bringing their ex back to them. The problem is that many women don’t understand what it takes to get a guy back and they don’t understand why what they might be trying to do isn’t working.

What Happened – Only you know the truth behind what happened to cause your breakup… or maybe you are overlooking a few things. It could be that it was a bad fight or argument that was the crowning blow to your relationship. But chances are that if you look back you could see this coming for a while. Could you feel him drifting away from you? Did you worry that he might be cheating on you? Did it seem like you simply couldn’t do anything right and he was always unhappy with you?

Now, you can spend days to weeks to months analyzing exactly what happened but this isn’t going to get you any closer to actually getting your ex back. Promises to change will fall in deaf ears. You will never be able to convince your ex to change his mind and any attempt to do so will only be met with resistance. He has to come to the conclusion that he is happier with you than without you. Trying to talk with him about the breakup and the possibility of getting back together is the number one turn-off to a guy and the number one topic that you will avoid when you actually do get back together. Most of the time this stuff is forgotten and forgiven without a word when your ex actually does come back to you.

Male Psychology – As you have probably figured out, guys work just a little bit differently than women do. After all, if he thought like you he would see that you love him and that you are devoted to him and he would just come back to you, right? Well, guys are a bit more complicated and they are motivated differently than women. Guys are more instinctual in their thought process and you can use this fact to your benefit once you understand what flips their trigger.

A guy will change his mind about a relationship and begin to feel emotions and a connection with a woman once he realizes that there is more pleasure in being in that relationship and less pain. He left the relationship because there was more pain in the relationship and more pleasure outside of that relationship instead of the other way around. It could have been external sources like another woman that made him feel a certain way… maybe powerful or loved or sexy or strong… and while the problems in your relationship grew the scales tipped and it became easier for him to make that decision to leave the relationship and you.

This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you anymore. This doesn’t mean that the love that he had for you is gone no matter what he says or does. Remember, he has made this decision without much real thought to the big picture and he is just reacting. This means that he does still have love for you and it is your job to uncover that love and those emotions and bring him back around. Make him want that connection with you that you once shared. Make him feel that without you his is missing a piece of his heart. Doing this will bring about a very quick and powerful change in him and what he wants and desires. Get it?

Subtlety is the Key – Now while you might be tempted to want to sit him down and remind him of what you once had together this just simply isn’t going to be helpful at this point. Right now your ex is a little bit like a frightened animal. He probably doesn’t trust you and anything that you do right now is going to be suspect. He knows that you want to get back together. He knows that you love him. Every time you call him, email him, text him or try to talk to him he will be looking for you to try something new to try to get him to change his mind. This is why you need to back off a little bit and get yourself together before moving forward with your plan.

Take some time to build your confidence and really understand what it’s going to take to get him back. Come up with a good plan that you agree to stick to no matter what. Learn a little bit about male psychology and how you can use it against him to quickly and easily get your ex back. Learn now what his emotional hot buttons are and what you can do to not just change his mind and come back to you but desire you and want you even more than he did when you first got together. No matter how terrible the breakup was or what you did to contribute to the downfall of your relationship you can wipe the slate clean and get your ex back using male psychology guaranteed.

Source by Cory Jean

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