Gift Baskets For Women From Women – Give Her Something to Cry About

Today while surfing the web for gift ideas for my best friend, I saw an ad for gift baskets for women from women. At first I ignored the ad. Then I came back to that page just out of curiosity. You see, I have a best friend that is better than any relative or caring next door neighbor. In fact, I know she’d do anything for me, so that’s why I decided to buy her a “Just Because I Appreciate Her” gift.

My best friend is not a good receiver. By that I mean that whenever I’ve tried to buy her a thoughtful girly-girl gift when we were shopping together in the past, she would always tell me to save my money. But today I wanted to order a present online and have it shipped to her door to surprise her. After scrolling through several gift basket sites and seeing all the possible choices, I decided that I needed to focus on her uniqueness and what she would truly love to get and could use. Yes, there’s a practical side to me and tell myself it’s okay to give gifts that make someone cry with joy and that they can actually use.

I thought about her passions. Then I thought about how busy her lifestyle was. Finally, I thought about all those things that she’d be surprised to receive, but what did I want my present to say to her? I thought about one of the gifts I had given her last year for her birthday…a bouquet of colorful tropical flowers to remind her of Hawaii. She had always admired flower arrangements when we happened to go grocery shopping together and she’d see the large displays at the entrance. But when I brought her the flowers, she just thanked me and laid the bundle on her kitchen counter. Well, that wasn’t the impact I had expected.

Then for Christmas, one of the gifts I bought her was this expensive earthy-looking water fountain that I was sure she would love because she had always told me she would love to fall asleep listening to gentle trickling water sounds in the background. Did she love the gift? Let me just say that it’s still in the box.

If you give a gift to your bff (best friend forever) and she thanks you for it and says it’s the thought that counts, don’t be offended. Most likely she’ll still be your best friend. But what about this? How about surprising her with a gift basket like I did? Then maybe you, too, will get that phone call with your friend sobbing on the other end of the phone proclaiming how much she loves you for your thoughtfulness, and she loves the gift?

Over the past six months, I’ve sent these three gift baskets to my best friend, and she loved them:

  • Girly-girl Survival Kit (all the things girls want but don’t ask for)
  • Breakfast Bundle with Portable Munchies (tea or coffee, decadent chocolate wafers)
  • Hobby-specific treats, gadgets, and tools (think gardening or golf)

Source by Ava Gee

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