Girls Pick Up Lines For a Subtle Approach

Dating nowadays isn’t something new in the societal culture, as more and more individuals are opting to try their luck getting to know the opposite sex. If you have found that special someone, you’re in luck, but for those who haven’t, pick-up lines are the number one requirement for you to get the interest of someone from the opposite sex. Not all about flirting is about looks and how you portray yourself for both women and men alike, pick-up lines are a perfect conversation starter to show your interest to that person you find attracted to. Taking that into view, below are some girls pick-up lines that women could use on the man of their dreams.

One of the most common pick-up line used by women nowadays would be to use their body as a main seduction item. Although, this doesn’t exactly portray a pick-up line, once you have gotten his attention try telling him something positive about how he looks. If that particular person is masculine and a tall, just be straight forward and tell him that you think he’s hot. Men prefer women who are direct especially if it’s their first meeting with that particular person. Besides that, another pick-up line that you could use would be to say that you’ve seen him from somewhere or he looks familiar. Although, this doesn’t entirely have to be true, just play around and continue flirting with him in the process. Every conversation needs a start and this pick-up line would be a perfect one.

If you’re eying on a guy who is at a restaurant, one method that you could use to get his attention would be to send your number through a waiter. Write your number on a piece of paper and request a waiter to send it to him, if he looks at you, give him back a small smirk or a smile acknowledging that you’re the one who has sent it. If he smiles back, you might most certainly have a chance on getting a call from him soon.

Feel of getting a bit bolder with your pick-up lines? If that’s the case one example would be to tell him that your girlfriend challenged you to come over and get his number or also just go up to him and use lines such as you’re a little out of form today and if he want you to turn him on. Bold pick-up lines do tend to work most of the time, especially if you’re at a club or a hangout area. Men do tend to fall for women who have that extra edge of confidence in themselves. Hence, just tell him a good story like the first example given above or just confront him telling your interest. Girls pick-up lines are easy to use, as women do have that extra edge on men through their physical attraction. Hence, use both of these qualities together and you’ll soon be getting any guy you’re interested in.

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