Girls Psychology and Their Types

Girls Psychology and Their Types

Girls Psychology and Their Types

After a lot of research, I start that article, but I come to know that it is an endless topic which has no end. Because every girl has her own psyche and all girls are different. Even so, I tried my best to complete it in a concise manner.

First we start from the things that are common in most of the girls.

1. Girls are not a very deep thinker, they are observant. A smart guy can make them believe of anything by telling lies.

2. Girls like those who respect girl’s opinion.

3. Girls talk too much and they ignore the person who is not a good listener or interrupt them in conversion.

4. They like to listen to simple compliments regarding to their dress, hair, beauty, etc.

5. They like genuine men; they don’t like that someone fake its life.

6. A girl gets jealous, if their man talks to a random girl.

7. They are always asking a same question, “Am I looking Fat”?

8. Don’t share secrets with the girls. They are chatter box and always tell your secrets to its friends.

9. A girl can judge a guy by its shoes.

10. Ladies have the inbuilt instinct and emotion system which beeps and alert when their man is cheating.

11. Girls don’t like the guys who reacting too nice to them.

12. They don’t like the guys who trying to convince them to like them.

13. Girls also don’t like the guys who trying to buy affection with food and gifts.

There are many more common things in ladies but these are some of the main things.

You can also read girl’s mind by some extent by the following ways:

1. If a girl moves her hands elegantly in her hair or rolling her hair by her finger, then she is seeking for someone’s attention.

2. Notice the movement of girl’s eye lashes. If they move very fast then they are probably meaning that she wants to make love.

3. If the lady is very close and someone then its mean, she is comfortable with him.

4. If she crossed her legs than its mean, she wants to make love.

There is lot of body language tricks but these are some common tricks to read ladies’ minds.

Now I tell you about some types of girls:

1. Girls who meet in the English literature department or any library. These types of girls who have taken time in text you-long hand. No “C U L8R” or “LOL”s or any nonsense likes that. Just pure unadulterated English. These girls are not only intelligent but intelligible. That shows that she has style, sophistication and class.

2. Some girls laughed at all the jokes. People think that she is sexier, but it’s not. These girls are dumb. The girl who laughs at your genuinely funny jokes is good to make a relationship. These types of girls can be found on the internet or any novelty stores.

3. It’s a famous statement that “A woman never forgets her first love”. The girls who get breakup are of two types. One are those who want to take their boyfriend back and again want to involve in him and the second one are those who make new friends and tried to forget the guy.

4. There are some girls who just care about their career. These girls are so mean. They always stay connected with intelligent guys. These look like they are jolly, but instead they are looking for some help.

5. Some girls are strictly religious. These girls like the people with similar religion and attracted to the religious and spiritual conversation.

Mostly, girls whom you found around are like these.

Now I tell you which type of boys the girls like the most.

1. Mostly, girls believe in classic romance. A girl always loved to feel appreciated, and the romantic boys make this happen. So mostly girls like romantic boys.

2. Girls also like confident guys who are totally secure and sure of themselves.

3. Some women like artistic guys who write songs for her make their painting and write something about her.

4. Some girls like free spirit guy (aka the bad boy). These types of girls are those who don’t care of anything happening in their life. They want only fun in their life.

I want to say again that this topic is endless. However, I think you get enough information about girls.


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