God Save the 90’s Beach Edition TEASER

God Save the 90’s Beach Edition TEASER

God Save the 90’s Beach Edition TEASER

Teaser by: Eléonore Coyette.
God Save the 90’s and Twins Club are getting ready to offer you one of the craziest nights of your summer. Feel the excitement and join us for surf, sun AND the biggest 90’s revival ever held on a beach! So keep August 3rd in your mind because this might simply be the party you will never forget.

Do you get all crazy and groovy when you hear the Spice Girls, Nirvana and Oasis? God Save the 90’s is bringing back the best of the smiley decade to all its guests, both teens and kids from the 90’s, from the early crushes for Britney and the Backstreet Boys to the sweaty excitement of Nirvana and Blur, your heart will go Boom Boom Boom Boom!

So jump for joy and shout it right out loud: “God Save The 90s!

☼ ☼ Practical Informations ☼ ☼

> > MUSIC: The best (and sometimes the worst) of this colourful decade, brought to you by Zwalla and DJ Guich!

> >TICKETS: presales: € 10,- / at the doors: € 15,-
– Presales available on God Save the 90’s Party – Fan page or www.godsavethe90s.be or www.twinsclub.be (within the limit of the number of tickets available)

> > WHERE: At the Twins Club (in Bredene), on the beach, barefoot to enjoy the golden sand and the funky waves.
– -> How to get there: BREDENE is located 7km away from Oostende

– by carpooling: http://agenda.covoiturage.fr//autre/13097-god-save-the-90-s-beach-edition
– by train: Direction Oostende – the train leaves at (xx:05) every hour from the Brussels Midi Station. Once you’re at the Oostende station, take the tramway on platform 4, direction Knokke (name of the stop: Bredene aan zee)
– by shuttle: Back and Return shuttle: 25€. Back and Return shuttle: 25€. Meet us at 6 PM in front of the AUTOWORLD in the Cinquantenaire.
Alcohol is strictly forbidden on board. The cost of repairing damage to the buses resulting from the conduct and actions of passengers shall be charged to the passengers. Tickets (within the limit of the number of places available)

> > DRESSCODE: BE 90’s. Slip on your old Waikiki tee-shirt, Velcro sneakers and favourite ripped jean shorts!

> > WHERE TO SLEEP: You can contact the Tourism Office of Bredene at 059/56 19 70 in mentioning “Twins Swell Party – Godsavethe90s”, they will dispatch you in the different camping’s of the city!

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