‘True Story’ in rural Maharashtra where it is very rare for houses to have a toilet. People have to go to some secluded spot or open fields a far distance from the habitat to answer the call of nature. When a girl comes of age, answering a call of nature becomes an embarrassing thing. The girl has to go before the dawn breaks or wait for the darkness late in the evening. This poses serious threat to personal security, causes a mental dilemma and often affects the physical health of the girl. This movie is one such story about a concerned mother who is determined to build a toilet at home. In order to build the toilet, she has to raise money for it. That’s just not it, she faces opposition for her decision, yet she goes ahead to get the toilet build. With all the money she has saved, she gets a mason build the toilet. In the process she runs out of money and approaches people around including the village Panchayat for help. When all her efforts see no results, she decides to sell her Mangalsutra (Gold ornament worn by married women) as a last resort.
Mangalsutra (Glorious bond) is considered to be a very sacred thing in our culture and selling it to build a toilet is highly unacceptable. Married women, whose husband is alive, usually never do that as that is considered to be against the cultural beliefs. The girl’s mother takes up this bold decision and sells her mangalsutra to get the toilet build. Finally the toilet is completed. When the local government notices her effort, they praise the woman for her effort and award her.

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