Gossip Girl Episode 8 – The Grandfather, Part 2

If you watched last week’s Gossip Girl episode, you know there’s tension brewing between S and B. Chuck tries to be the voice of reason, but his pleas fall on deaf ears. “The Grandfather” (Part 2), adds some political drama to the social drama, and Serena and Blair prove they can’t be on their behavior at important events.

Nate’s cousin, Tripp, is running for congress, but his campaign isn’t looking good. Nate suggests asking their grandfather for help, but Tripp wants a clean campaign. Much of the action from this Gossip Girl episode happens at the Vanderbilt election party.

Vanessa covers the behind the scenes footage of the campaign and luckily gets footage of Tripp saving a stranger from drowning in the Hudson. Tripp’s campaign is saved! Coincidence? Nate thinks not, and Vanessa knows not. Will Nate sacrifice his friendship with Vanessa to save his cousin’s campaign? Nate has already proved once that he puts family ahead of friends. His morals are at stake again, and Vanessa calls him on it.

Gossip Girl fans, I admit I’m warming up to the idea of Olivia being a Gossip Girl regular, though I doubt it’ll happen. Olivia makes appearance on Jimmy Fallon show and freaks out about Dan seeing it because of an embarrassing story she tells. The Gossip Girl blasts are back, so will they blow her cover? Technology proves to not be on Olivia’s side, and Dan storms out of a family board game marathon, much to Olivia’s dismay.

There were tons of hot songs in this episode: Mika’s “I See You”, Maps’ “Everything is Shattering”, Estate’s “Take You Out”, Anya Marina’s “Two Left Feet”, Hollywood Holt’s “Hollywood”, The Republic Tigers’ “The Nerve” (Dance Remix), Fred’s “Damn You Hollywood”, Quitzow’s “Cyclone”, and The Plasticines’ “I Could Rob You”.

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