Great Pickup Lines – How to Seduce and Attract Girls With Red Hot and Sizzling One Liners

Great Pickup Lines – How to Seduce and Attract Girls With Red Hot and Sizzling One Liners

Great Pickup Lines – How to Seduce and Attract Girls With Red Hot and Sizzling One Liners

Just like the world has evolved a lot in the past few centuries, so has the rules of romance undergone a sea change. The modern courting ways of the 21st century are very different from the kind we were used to even in the Victorian age. Nowadays first impressions are always the last impression and you have to make a solid impact right on your first date or first meeting.

And how do you impress a woman or for that matter a man right in your first meeting? Pick up lines women want to hear might just do the trick. Great pickup lines are the best conversation starters. If you know how to use scoring pick up lines on women, a woman might actually become interested in you and start paying you some attention.

But there are a few rules of cracking great pickup lines that you ought to abide by to avoid making a faux pas. It is safest to pay a heartfelt spontaneous genuine compliment to a woman you like. Something like do you have any idea why the sky is so cloudy or dull or grey or gloomy or something close to it? When the woman of your choice will ask why, you will smile at her and say; it is because your eyes have stolen all the mesmerizing blue from the skies!

Or you may say something like God created you when He said let there be women! Or you may call her a beauty in motion and request her not to stop walking!

You may take the help of famous romantic poets of England or elsewhere and transform their famous lines of poetry into great pickup lines. You can use Lord Byron’s lines and twist them a bit to come up with you walk in beauty like the night! Shelley, Keats, Dryden, Byron, the great Shakespeare, the metaphysical poets are some people whose works you can look up to create an intellectual impact on a cerebral girl.

But don’t be too showy or else she will think you are a pseudo intellectual and trying to show off your knowledge to her.

Witty, funny and humorous pick up lines for guys are also a big hit with women. You can surely come up with something original that can make a woman laugh. Funny pick up lines always work.

But while using great pickup lines on women, always remember a few cardinal rules. Women are clever and they can easily tell if you are just faking it. Women don’t like men who hit on them too hard. And women aren’t floored by corny, crass, cheap pick up lines. Don’t belittle or insult a woman by using a disgusting sexually laced pick up line on her.

You might get a tight slap right across your face. Let me give you a few examples of cheesy pick up lines that will make women run away from you as fast as their legs can carry.

Will you give me the permission to lick that yellow film off your teeth? Or you have so many curves and I have no brakes. Or are you tired? I bet you are for you ran through my head throughout the night. You have got great legs, when do they open?

Come on, girls aren’t easily available, regardless of the kind of outfit they are wearing and you need to be cautious about how you are approaching a woman.

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