Happy 60th Birthday Zeffa!

Happy 60th Birthday Zeffa!

Lyrics to Happy 60th Birthday Zeffa!s

When gentle June comes to an end
that’s the time my sister friend
has another birthday don’t she
but this one’s tricky: you’re turning 60!

Twenty one thousand nine hundred days
give or take leap years and black out phase
let’s just call it six decades of your parades
Marching merry Z-zeffa, the besta.

Baby girl you are so la-didah
Most fabu little sis I ever got
your dance on earth’s been utter ooo-la-la
Keep on rocking, answer doors a’knockin

¥§:(Orig. line was “our laughter keep unlocking” but the cornimator blew up)

Happy birthday my happy hippie girl
you put in much more then you take from the world
That’s your way of life my Zeffa
you’re treasure I guessa dear beloved Zeffa, Sarah Mary Zeffa.

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