Haunts of the Rich

Haunts of the Rich

Haunts of the Rich

Affair of The Haunts of the Very Rich

St Valentines Day

I’ve often noticed that with the very wealthy, the majority of them that do bother to celebrate St Valentine’s day, are primarily the youngest of couples that belong to this class.

Young wealthy and naive. My type of combination.


I was staying at an upper-end hotel that Valentine’s Day weekend, treating myself after having a rather profitable New Year’s weekend a few weeks prior.

I had been excited to learn there was a ballroom in the basement where a dance was being held later that week. But it was sold out. So I was left out of that opportunity.

But there were others.

Amongst which:

At a park, an older upper-class dressed lady was waking as she held a corgi in her arm. I stopped her and asked if I could pet the little darling. She said yes and as I stooped over to pet the pup with my right hand, my left was busy removing a diamond bracelet from around the cubby wrist holding the bratty animal.

While the next day, at the same park, my eyes caught the glitter of diamond studs, 4 Carets worth, being carelessly worn by a silk-clad mum watching her children play as she sat upon a park bench. I walked behind the bench and easily lifted the fat wallet from her designer leather bag. I then sat down on a bench ten meters away, watching her profile. Wondering how she ever was avoiding being mugged?


Midweek found me at a 5 Star Restaurant eating dinner, conspicuously alone amongst the tables filled with romantically in-love couples. Many of them are from obviously a privileged upbringing, which is the game I was after.

Being alone, the tuxedo-wearing man at the desk had not wanted me in, until I slipped the upturned nosed Maître d £40
He put on a money clip with an already healthy wad of notes. Sticking it into a deep side pocket of his long tux coat.

Soon I was escorted to a small side table next to the swinging doors of the prep kitchen. The smells that wafted out when the doors opened certainly whetted my appetite, in more ways than one.

I was wearing my black satin jacket with its shiny rhinestone buttons. Underneath I was wearing my blue satin long-sleeved button-back blouse, paired with a long slick black leather skirt. My jewels were simple, consisting of diamond stud earrings and a diamond heart-shaped pendant.

I was hoping to make a score this evening, relieving some of the wealthy patrons eating here of a purse, wallet, watch jewellery, or a combination of these items.

For my meal, I ordered one of the more expensive items on the menu. The steak was very good, and the wine was even better. But my appetite was not quelled, for I was hungering after richer items, not on their menu.

I had my eye on a couple of tables. The love birds sitting at them had eyes only for each other, and not on purses or wallets, or other valuables they had on their very well-dressed persons.

A pair of violinists had been going around from table to table, collecting tips for their playing, or to stop them from playing, it was hard to tell.

They were now a pair at one of the tables I had been observing.

The couple that was sitting there was dressed in formal attire. He was wearing what I call a James Bond tux, his girl was poured in a short sequined dress with pearls. Her designer purse was hanging from the chair behind her, on top of a mink stole.

I placed my purse in a side pocket of my skirt, placed my satin jacket over an arm, and walked past the table, squeezing in between the violinists and the table behind. The violinists moved in, making the two at the table scrunch in closer.

As the couple at the table were moving their
chairs in, I circled behind, whisked by the lady’s chair, and easily lifted her small designer purse from the chair stowing it under my jacket.

I went to the loo and in a stall took out my purse and replaced it inside my pocket with the expensive one I had just lifted.

As I was washing up a pair of young ladies came in. One had a long velvet dress and wearing pearls. Her companion had on a short silk number that looked like it had been painted along her figure, it was that tight. Not tight was the flashy gemmed cocktail ring she wore on her left index finger. It was very loose.

The pair ignored me and began hugging and pawing each other with a lover’s passion. I sqoze by them, bumping silk into velvet. They giggled, I apologize, my fingers moved along the left hand that the bird wearing tight silk had wrapped behind velvet’s waist.

I pressed off against the pair, slipping off the loose gemstone ring from the wealthy bird’s left hand’s index finger as I did. Without the love-struck owner feeling so much as a prickle.

I went back to my table and downed the last of my Merlot.

Finishing my meal I left cash on the bill and stood up, looking around the room as I put on my black satin jacket with its shiny rhinestone buttons.

No other easy opportunities were apparent, so I decided to leave while I was ahead.

I then spied the velvet and tight silk-wearing birds at a side table. They were with two men in fitted suits. I was very curious over what the relationships were exactly between the four. I could almost smell an opportunity of some sort, but I was already on my way out.

As I left I spied the snooty Maître d’hôtel (master of the house), as he was eyeballing a far too young chick sitting at a table with long legs, and next to nothing covering them.

I snuck up behind him as he was watching her, and coming up alongside asked:
“Whatcha looking at Luv?”

Startled, He jumped a mile. And as he jumped, my hand slipped into his side pocket and easily lifted his real gold money clip. Weighted down with folded bills of money extorted from his restaurant’s patrons.

I giggled at his red face, tweaking his “Hercules Poirot” styled mustache as I said in parting:
“Cheers, thanks for letting me in…”

Happy with myself, I stood in front of the restaurant. Pondering if I should find a vantage point to see where that table of four was eventually heading when they left, or just amble off. I decided to go for a long stroll.

About 30 minutes later, I was sitting on a park bench, lighting a cigarette with my gold lighter, the one engraved with the king’s head that I had lifted off a fine gentleman at a New Year’s Eve party.

I began rummaging through the purse I had lifted. A real silver compact, matching lipstick holder, and a wad of £200 were amongst my haul. I also discover a pair of tickets to a St. Valentine’s evening ball that very evening. The very one being held in my hotel’s basement, the one that was sold out.

I quickly packed up and headed straight to my hotel, across the street from the park where I was sitting. It took me twenty minutes to reach it by taking a path that cut through the woods in the park’s centre.

I happily then cut through the lobby, casting an eye on the stuffed shirt manager at the desk. And the open door behind him that had security stenciled across the window.

Taking the elevator up 2 floors I got off and went to where my room was located, purposefully selected because it was facing across from a stairwell. I let myself in and began to quickly change into a more formal blue satin gown, keeping on the same jewelry.

Once I was prim and proper, I left. Eagerly headed downstairs to the basement where the ball was in full swing.

I happily showed my pair of tickets to the hotel security guard at the entrance, telling him:

“When my date shows up, I’ll come and give him his ticket.”

He nodded, not bothering to look like he ruddy well cared.

It was a packed affair. Live music, dancing, a table with raffle bins, and appetizers. A stocked bar off on one side with a buy your own drinks sign, thank you.

I had indeed bought myself a cocktail and began meandering around.

I soon latched onto a couple of young sisters, 14 and 16.

They were wonderfully attired in darling designer dresses of gleaming taffeta, complete with matching sashes tied from behind in bows. Their parents obviously have enough disposable income to spend an extravagant amount on dresses their progeny will outgrow in a few months.

The pair of lovelies were wearing rhinestones, but the 16-year-old was also sporting a flower-shaped gold pin, set with real gems. An emerald centre with real diamonds as petals.

I admired their pretty attire, gaining their confidence. Learning that their rooms were on the top fifth floor of this very hotel, in what I could tell was a penthouse suite.

Soon I had them pointing out their parents. As they did I let my hand slip onto the older girl’s shoulder, my fingers curling around her pin.

The mum was wearing a sleek silk dress, with no jewellry, their papa in a vested suit. As both girls chatted about how lovely their mum looked, I easily lifted the older girl’s expensively gemmed pin off from her soft gown. I did this as I had begun causally stroking down along her gown’s smooth material while she was busy looking away as she chatted on about her parents.

It was then the younger sister like she had been reading my mind, casually mentioning the fact that their mum was not wearing the pretty jewelry she had brought with her.

The older sister was still watching her parents on the dance floor and hadn’t noticed her sibling’s comment. My senses began prickling something wicked. I daringly asked her why not, as I watched the older one out of the corner of my eye.

The sweet young thing answered truthfully:
“Because she wore them last night to the ball.”

Still keeping an eye on this girl’s older sister who appeared to still not have noticed what her sibling was talking about. I knelt in front of the younger sister and lifted her heavy rhinestone necklace, watching it sparkle. I asked, carefully choosing my words:
“Pretty, now your mums cannot be as pretty as this?”

She smiled, her eyes opening with doe-eyed innocence:
“They are, ever so. And she has lots, doesn’t she.”

Then she pouted:
“We’re not allowed to wear them though.”

I had let go of her necklace. Though I will admit I had thought of lifting it from her since I was noticing she was starting to dance a little like she needed to use the loo, which would have made it an easy task

Instead, I whispered truthfully in her ear, with wicked intentions in my mind….
“Well, I certainly think both you and your sister should be allowed.”

I then asked if she could…
” Hold my drink for a sec?”

The little imp did do, as I rummaged through my purse. Knowing the cold ice in the glass she was holding should increase her need to use the potty.

The dance was ending. I took back my drink, watching as their parents went back to their table. I pulled aside the still-distracted older sister and asked if I could be introduced to their parents.

They gleefully took me over and introductions were made. I complimented the parents on what delightfully charming girls they were raising.

We had a conversation about that. Where the girls went to school, that sort of thing.

The younger daughter’s prancing was becoming more noticeable and soon the mum took her lead and went off with both daughters to take care of the issue.

So far I had played my cards correctly and as they left I decided to try a trump by asking the father if he would care to dance.

He did not appear affronted at all by my boldness and led me off to the floor. As he took me in his arms I stumbled against him, easily slipping his billfold from his suit jacket’s front pocket. I stowed it away in a hidden pocket of my blue satin gown.

It was then as we danced that I spotted them.

A young wealthy couple dancing cheek to cheek. I studied them over my partner’s shoulder.

She was beyond resplendent in a long blood-red satin gown that poured sleekly down along her figure. She was wearing a display of diamonds that looked like Tiffany’s display case, set against a red satin backdrop. Her husband was in full tux, wearing a gold signet ring engraved with his family’s crest. A crest I knew, a family that was one of England’s wealthiest.

She was a giggler, he appeared to have issues keeping his wife focused.

There was a couple I would love to have learned more about. But by lifting the father’s wallet, I was already committed to a plan.

Oh well. I turned my attention back to the father, who was a charismatic charmer of a man.

The dance ended and I took my leave. Literally. As I made my way to the nearest exit.

I took the stairs to the first floor, intending to pay my bill ahead for an early checkout. Since I may be leaving in a hurry.

Going up to the lobby desk. I saw it was deserted. Then looking out the front doors I saw the manager and the security man standing there holding apart two men who had pretty obviously been brawling.

I looked back to the empty desk, then to the opened door to the security room.

On a daring whim, I slipped inside. Not knowing what I would find.

In the corner was a large vault, opened exposing rows of metal boxes that required a passkey. No master pass keys were visible. And I probably did not have the time. But my lord, one could just imagine the delicious darling jewels that lay inside them.

I then spotted a bagged security uniform and cap. Not wishing to come away empty-handed from my daring sneaking into the room, I snatched it up and carried it past the still-empty desk. Coast was still perfectly clear.

I darted through the stairwell door and scurried up to my room.

In the room I quickly undressed and tried on the uniform, thinking it may serve as an effective ruse. Tucking my long hair up under the cap and putting on dark sunglasses I looked myself over in the mirror.

Surprised at how official I looked.

Taking off the glasses I went to my gown and took out the wallet. Finding £525 in cash and amongst his cards his room’s passkey. I had guessed right.

So now with the security uniform in my possession, I could freely go and burgle the room, without waiting till the little family returned, and were all fast asleep.

Putting the sunglasses back on, I picked up my leather pouch and headed out my door to the staircase directly across.

There were 3 suites on the top 5th floor. I knocked at the first door. No answer. I tried the key, but it didn’t turn.

Repeated the same procedure with the suite door directly across. The key clicked the tumblers and the door opened.

Licking my lips I slipped inside.

I had my torch and put on the red-lighted beam to look around. Beautiful room. A larger living area complete with a full bar and kitchenette. Double doors led out onto a balcony. I wondered if I could reach the other penthouse suite’s balconies from it and decided to check it out after I went through the bedrooms.

Eagerly I then went into the first one.

Obviously the young sister’s room. I let my beam work the room. Finding a dressing table I went over to it. Laying out was a pair of necklaces, one gold and the other with fine Pearls. A gold bangle bracelet lay next to them, surrounded by a couple of gold rings. I scooped them up. Next to them were twin velvet cases. I opened them. but found both were empty. For the rhinestones they were wearing I guessed. Without thought, I placed them inside my pouch.

Quickly checking the drawers I found sets of satin pjs But nothing else of value was hidden underneath. They were both too young to be using that trick.

I turned and went out to the living area. I caught my reflection in the mirror above the bar and startled, I jumped.

Twit, I had forgotten I was wearing a security uniform.

Snickering to myself I entered the master bedroom.

My beam of light located the dressing table and I went right over. A small jewel case lay there. I went over and opened the case, my eyes saw the welcoming sight of gold, silver, and pearl jewelry. All of it was expensive. I placed the whole case in my pouch.

No diamonds.

I soon located the closet and opening it saw it held a tux, several gowns, and dresses all of a designer’s make. I bent down and located the small wall safe.

Now for the moment of truth. Were the wealthy mum’s diamonds here? Or had they been placed in the hotel vault I had spotted in the security office?

Using my stethoscope, I spun the tumblers and had it opened in no time.

Inside, much to my relief lay several velvet jewel cases. I pulled out the first. Opened it and my eyes were dazzled by the diamond set jewels it contained.

It was then I heard laughter from what seemed to becoming right outside the penthouse suite’s door. I quickly placed the case containing diamonds in my pouch, scooping up the other cases without looking inside. Closed the safe and quickly slipped out of the room.
I went straight to the main doors’ peephole, still hearing the twittering laughter going on outside it.

Heart thumping I looked through the hole. Then my heart rate exhilarated, leaping up into my throat as the saying goes.

For the commotion was coming from across the hall. It was the couple I had been salivating over as I had danced with the father. The giggling lass wearing a blood-red satin gown and decked out with diamonds, and her wealthy heir of a husband. Both were totally pissed drunk.

Tuxboy had dropped his keys and couldn’t pick them up. His pretty bride’s profile was bent over him giggling, diamonds flashing as they swung out away from her fine bosom.

He finally picked up the keys. The two of them embraced kissing.

“Get inside the room. You pair .”
I murmured as a plan of action suddenly popped into my mind. An epiphany if I have ever had one.

They finally managed to open the door and practically fell inside.

I turned and quickly scanned the room with my torch’s red beam. I located the suites phone on the bar top

Going over I made a direct call to the penthouse room the couple had just disappeared inside.

The phone was picked up, and after a bit of fumbling a male’s s chuckling voice answers with a puzzled yes.

I began speaking with the sharp clipped words portrayed in movies by authority figures. I added an Irish lilt to my words to heighten the effect.

“Sir, now this is the front desk. It’s imperative that you come down to speak with security. Do not bring your wife, we do not want to alarm her.”

The drunk twit fell for it. Hanging up abruptly. I raced to the peephole. A short minute later he comes stumbling out and heads for the elevators.

As he disappears inside I went over and pushed all the buttons so it would come back up stopping at every floor.

Putting on my sunglasses I went to his room and knocked at his door.


His darling wife, still sporting all her delicious diamond Jewelry, cautiously opened the door.

“My husband just went down to see you?”

“Must have missed him, ma’am. But it’s important that I speak to you.”

She obediently opens the door and lets me in.
I surveyed the room. She was vulnerably alone.”

I looked at her, seeing her worriedly looking at me through the dark lenses of my mirrored sunglasses.

I spoke quickly using the same tone of voice I had used on her wealthy husband.

“Ma’am, several rooms have been robbed this evening. Your husband was told to bring any of your valuables to keep in the hotel’s vault. “

She put a worried hand on her shimmering necklace.
“He..he didn’t say anything. “

I continued, not giving her foggy mind time to clear up.
“You don’t want to be robbed of them now do you miss? Here, you should let me take them down for you.”

I wasn’t a question and she nodded compliantly.

I reached in and pulled out one of the empty cases I had lifted from the daughter’s room.

I held it open in front of her trying to keep from drooling over the exquisitely delicious jewellery . Was this gullible lady going to be this easily manipulated into just handing them over to me?

And Blimey, was she, ever so obediently going to do just that…
Beginning by reaching up behind her neck, rings, and bracelets flashing from her red satin gloves, her breasts bulging out like shiny mounds from underneath her tight blood-red satin gown.

Undoing the necklace’s clasp she removed it and laid it upon the case. Then reaching up into her long red hair, undid each of her dangling earrings and placed them on top. Raising each wrist she unfastened her bracelets and added them to the gleaming pile. Then slipped off her four heavily gemmed rings.

She took a step back, worried face told me she was buying into my scam.

“What about your brooch miss, not wanting the thief to get that now are you.”

She nodded, looking down and reaching in between her voluptuous breasts, plucked off the heavily jeweled broach.

Dumbfounded that I was now holding at least a cool ¾ of a million pounds in diamonds…

Yet, I still fished in for for more….
“Aye, that’s the girl. Now, anything else you need me to take to the safe.”

Again, it wasn’t a question.

She scrunched her nose in thought.
“Your right, thanks for reminding me”

With that, she turned, her gown swishing provocatively along her seductive figure as she disappeared inside her bedroom

Closing the case I stowed it inside my pouch. I moved to a side table and scooped up her plump, red sequined designer clutch purse and stashed it inside my pouch

Then stood by the door pondering wistfully over how I could con her into slipping out of and handing over that delicious red satin gown.

No clever ideas presented themselves as she reappeared, holding an upper-end Smythson blue velvet jewelry bag.

She explained, almost apologetically:
“My husband usually puts this in the closet safe at night. But I’m sure it will be more secure where you are taking it.”

Smiling as I took it while saying, and not exactly telling a fib,
“Thank you, I will make sure they are safe in my hands and apologize to your husband for the mix-up.”

She smiled back with relief in her eyes, then came up and hugged me. Saying in my ear…

“Thank you for taking care of me.”

Damn her luscious gown felt wonderfully nice, her warm figure even nicer as she pressed up against me.

Breaking apart I began telling her truthfully, as I looked her pretty gown-clad figure up and down.
“It is my pleasure. Love your gown by the way. Now miss, lock the door behind me. Though I’m sure your now safe from robberies.”

She was grinning at me, her eyes still a bit clouded with the drink as she stroked the front of her gown, fingers rolling along her fine breasts.
“Unless less the thief wants my gown, it’s all I have now of value to hand over.”

I certainly hesitated at that, almost like she had read my thoughts. Then smiling at her joke, left.

Avoiding the elevator, I quickly headed to the stairs leading down to my room.

As I went through the door onto the top landing of the metal staircase I abruptly halted.

I smelled him before seeing him. A strong, sour smell of whiskey intermingled with musk, warned me I was not alone in here.


I peeked over the stairs railing looking down.

On the second floor, landing staggered a man. So drunk that I could smell it two full floors above him.

The git was looking around behind him, trying hard to figure out what door he had heard opening.

He was dapper, dressed in a tux with tails and a formal top hat. A delectable gold watch chain shimmered around his waist.

I slowly went down the stairs, hoping he would move off. I didn’t want to get off at the 4th or 3rd floors, too many risks to take the elevator.

But, buggers if the man didn’t budge.

I reached the top of the stairs above where he stood, swaying, his gaze transfixed on the 2nd-floor door.

With a heavy sigh, I went down the stairs, coming up behind him, I tapped his shoulder.

He turned his head around. Then eyes opening wide he said…

Blimey. Wha..what’s this, your a female bobby. Didn’t know you came like that.”

He stood there, gobsmacked, trying to figure me out.

I just stayed in the character I had created for the damsel in distress upstairs. Using the same time of voice I told him…
“Sir you need to go to your room.”

The bugger shook his head, saying with a muttering tone…
“No officer lady, I’m drunk in “pubic”, ya need to be arresting me sorry ass. I think you should securely frisk me. Isn’t that what you lot do?”

I shook my head, then spied his leather billfold sticking up from his pocket. Fat with notes.
“Okay, face the wall and spread your legs and arms.

He turned and as he tried to do what I had told him, fell against the wall, emitting a low moan.

I then frisked him, patting him down. Easily lifting his wallet, gold watch, and room keycard as I did so. I saw it was number 22, around the corner from my room.

“Careful of the family jewels there. Missy. May need them later if you catch my drift…”

I think he was winking into the wall.

Turning He held up his hands.
“Cuff me, officer,”

I shook my head no.
“Sorry, sir I can’t do that I’m not an officer only security.”
I sighed
“But I will put you under house arrest In your room. Is this your floor?”

He tried to focus on the door
“Two. What a coincidence that’s where my room is.”

I opened the door and pulled him through.

“Room number 22 miss officer.”

I led him down the hallway, not an easy task as he kept slumping against the wall. Thankfully no one popped a head from any of the other rooms.

Finally, we reached room number 22

He chuckles.
“Thanks for the Lift. Care for a drinky?”

I handed him his key

He took it not questioning how I had it.

“You go in sir. Pour yourself one. I’m still on duty.”

This wanker wasn’t giving up
“When are you off Miss officer?”

“Just starting my shift, not off till morning. I’ll come and give you a wake-up call if you’d like.”

He smiled with a crooked smile only a true drunk can pull off, and saluted me, amazingly without putting out an eye.

“Toodles then!”

I was gone before he had closed his door.

I quickly went to my room back around the corner, thankfully meeting no one else in the hallway.

In my room, I changed out of my uniform into my leather skirt and satin blouse.

I took my pouch and suitcase, now holding the guards uniform, to my lotus sports car.

Then going back upstairs I grabbed my overnight case, and my dress bag and went downstairs.

A young girl wearing a heavy cream-coloured silk blouse and black skirt was at the front desk. The security guard’s door was closed and I could see a pair of male shadows taking inside.

After telling the girl I wanted to check out I asked what all the excitement was about.

She excitedly explained that a couple of blokes had gotten into a fight out front. Police were called and hailed them away.

I smiled, happily thinking that my own shenanigans had not yet been discovered. The wealthy young twits upstairs had bought into my story, of that I was certain.

I was paying my bill when the phone rang. I listened in and heard her saying…
“What’s that? No sir, we don’t have female security?”

I kept a calm look on my face as my heart began thumping. I whispered under my breath.
“Come on luv, hand me my receipt..”

Still, on the phone the girl smiled at me and handed over my receipt, saying into the phone.
“What’s that sir, house arrest? Yes sir, well I’m sure you are no longer confined….”

Relieved, I took my receipt and headed straight out the front door without hearing the ending of the conversation.
Once outside I hailed a waiting cab.

I had him drop me off at the train station.

Arriving there, I locked up my belongings In one of the lobby pay-as-you-go lockers. Waiting inside for a good half hour I then left with a group just departing and caught a cab giving him the address of the hotel two blocks down from mine.

He dropped me off and I went through the lobby out the back way, then down a side alley till I reached the lot where my car was parked.

I got in and drove back to the train station, where I collected my things.

Once I was back in my car, I lit a cigarette, took a few relaxing puffs, then put my sports car in gear, purposefully driving off through the night, planning on putting as much distance as fast as I could risk it, between me and the city I was leaving.


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