❮HC Productions & Modeling Agency❯

HC Productions & Modeling Agency is casting MALE & FEMALE models to be an HC TOP MODEL and join the agency.
**This is not a casting for a show – please read the notecard fully**

HC is the agency to be in and we try to offer more than most! We have frequent shows, contests and fashion projects, plus we work with other agencies to ensure you have all the modeling opportunities possible across the grid. It is important to us to keep you busy and to ensure you have a fabulous experience overall. On top of all that we make sure our models are compensated for each and every show, and as we work with only the best designers, you will receive great outfits to style for our shows too!

Being part of our group we also make sure our models are kept up to date with all the information on contests, castings and pageants taking place all over SL.
We work hard to get you noticed and to help build your profile. Through our agency Flickr group, you are free to show your styling, photography and modeling skills from all your work, not just with HC.

We want our models to succeed and be the greatest styler, blogger, runway walker and poser they can possible be! Would you like to join our exclusive family? Well now is your chance!

TIME: 10am slt OR 1pm slt

THEME: Katy Perry’s video for "Dark Horse" Use this video as inspiration, and make it look like you just stepped off the set.

Official Music Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KSOMA3QBU0

*NO facial expressions.
*NO Physics.
*NO flexi.

PLACE: HC Runway

➔ You will need 8 poses which work with your outfit,
*Have on your DV C and turn in a style card at the time of casting.
➔You must submit a description card including a head and body shot of the outfit you’re walking by Feburary 18, 2018.

➔You must use at least 3 designers.
*Jewelry, Hair, and shoes do NOT count.

The walk will be as follows:
➔ Stop 1: 2 poses (15 secs each)
Stop 2: 2 poses (15 secs each)
Stop 3: 2 poses (15 secs each)
Stop 4: 2 poses (15 secs each)

➔ If you would like to participate, please fill out the following short form, and include any head & body shot of any genre you want. Please title your response "RE:Casting Info (your legacy name)" Return your notecard with pictures attached to HadleyCarrington & jude.tatham by February 18th.

➔ You MUST have a mesh head and body. No classic avis.


Legacy Name:
Display Name
Rez Date:
How long have you been a model?
Have you ever attended a modeling school?

➔Do you have a flkr account, and do you blog? Please list your flkr account here:

➔What hours are you available during the week & weekend?

➔Are you willing to change your shape for an agency? If not, why?


Please return the application to HadleyCarrington and jude.tatham BY *FEBRUARY 18th* with head and body shots attached. If you join this agency, you won’t be sorry. We offer many opportunities once you join the HC family. I hope to see you soon!


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