Heads or Tails (Short) 2013

Heads or Tails (Short) 2013

When a girl is having a bad day, her luck seems to be magically turned around by a stranger who helps her make up some luck.

She’s driving home from an important interview when her car runs out of gas. A stranger stops to help her out and he offers to drive her to the service station to pick up some fuel. She’s hesitant to let him help so he gives her a proposal, which she agrees to. He flips a coin, which comes up as her letting him help so she accompanies him to the closest service station down the road. As they eventually begin to talk and they’re getting to know each other, he reveals the coin again, telling her to bet her dream job on its outcome. A flip reveals that she will get the job but she’s skeptical about the idea. He’s confident that luck is on her side and leaves her to wait for the phone call that could change her life.

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