Hinarta+Clarissa | Love Story

Hinarta+Clarissa | Love Story

Another pre wedding video from us!

You may see their pre wedding pictures in our web, but this time, we present you the pre wedding video.

Taken place in Bandung, it is a surprise for us to meet this wonderful couple, they are naturally funny and a head-turner! They came to us and exactly sure what made them to, they wanted to do a prewedding with this kind of theme, and we accepted that challenge.

Hinarta is like a comedy-star, he attracts people by making them laugh and Clarissa is a sweet petite girl, so small. Both were great partner, the preparation went well, they wore amazing clothes, give it a look.

What makes it more special? We booked the whole theatre for photo session, first time ever in a private showtime! We try to bring rich color and still attempt to dig the vintage atmosphere, whatever you call it, just enjoy!

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