Hitchhiking Portugal to Poland

Hitchhiking Portugal to Poland

Hitchhiking Portugal to Poland

Kelso and Chelso back with another shaky gopro video to share. This adventure started with us living in a community in the south of Portugal and finding the best way to travel to Poland for Opener Festival. We set ourselves what we thought to be a challenge to hitchhike there, spending as little money as possible and not a cent on public transport or hostels. People told us it will take a week to get through Spain, we’ll end up spending more than a flight would cost and it’s dangerous.

I didn’t expect to have the most fun, adventurous and eye-opening week of my life. We spent 15 euro each (seriously), arrived in 6 days, met strangers who turned into new friends, learnt the important lesson of patience and ventured through places I never thought I would find myself in.
Go send out some positive energy, get on www.hitchwiki.com, buy a cheap sketchbook, stick out your thumb and see where it takes you:)

Some of the characters who picked us up: Portugese surf instructor, three Swedish surfers, Pedro the eco-architect, two English girls in a tiny red Fiat, a lawyer from Barcelona, Polish truck driver, a Spanish family, Gustavo the retired army soldier from Madrid, a Dutch couple and their border collie, German choir singer, Chinese Medical practitioner/organic wine producer, yoga teacher from Berlin, Frank the Polish carpenter, Patrycja the beautiful Polish/German nurse and a Polish IT student.

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