Hot Kiss, Sexy Kiss, Love Kiss – It is Smooch Time!

Hot Kiss, Sexy Kiss, Love Kiss – It is Smooch Time!

Hot Kiss, Sexy Kiss, Love Kiss – It is Smooch Time!

Let us look at some of the hottest kissing techniques:

1. The Beginner’s Kiss- In this sexy kiss, your lips caress and brush against her lips gently. While kissing this way, you have to relax and make your lips move around her mouth. Hovering and zeroing is the key in this intimate hot kiss.

2. The Butterfly kiss: In this hot kiss, lightly flicker your lips across your lover’s eyelids, chin, cheeks, and neck. Move the tip of your lips, breezing in feather stroke touches around her body, her breasts, nipples, thighs, belly button etc. This is the Butterfly kiss. You can also use the above two techniques the Beginner’s kiss and the Butterfly kiss to initiate a technique known as the Eastern Swirl and Poke, where your lips twirl and poke at the erogenous zones.

3. The Droplet: This is a kinky kiss which is prevalent when you are kissing her passionately. In this form of hot kiss, you have to retract your lips slowly from her and drip a few droplets of your saliva into her mouth.

4. French kiss: In the world’s most popular form of kiss, the guy has to kiss the girl open-mouthed. Here the tongue probes and turns around the inside of the mouth, exploring the woman’s mouth in its entirety.

5. The Medieval necklet-One of the most seductive of all kisses. It was a technique employed by knights to kiss their women who wore low necked outfits. In this form of sexy kiss, kiss the girl, by circling around her neck with a string of sexy kisses, journeying from behind the ear, around the area at or near the cleavage and then back to the region behind the other ear. Quite a necklace kiss!

6. The Lush lap: This is a sexy form of tongue kiss. Part your lips and keep your tongue firm and give tongue swipes to the desirable area on her body or her lips.

7. Lover’s Pass- This is all about blending erotica and food. Hold food with sensual significance like strawberry, chocolate, ice-cream etc in your mouth. Let her mouth come close, with her tongue touching the food. As her mouth parts open, gently drop the sexy fruit into her waiting mouth.

8. The Sliding kiss: The Lover’s Pass graduates into the Sliding Kiss. Here you use your tongue to push at hers, sharing erotic food like strawberry, chocolate sauce etc.

9. The Stretch: This hot, sexy kiss is another extension of the French kiss. Stretch or elongate your tongue to rub the roof of your woman’s mouth. This is an area which people do not focus much on, but can give incredible pleasure to the person being kissed.

10. The Mediterranean Flick-One of the sexiest kisses ever, this has a Latin birth. The Mediterranean Flick is all about gentling swiping your tongue, in teasing little circles around the lips, neck, nipples, belly button and the clitoris of a woman’s body. A personal favorite, this hot and sexy kiss is sure to make the woman arch her hips and let loose a sexy moan.

Source by Arunraj V.S.

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