How Learning the Guitar Could Change Your Life

How Learning the Guitar Could Change Your Life

How Learning the Guitar Could Change Your Life

Why should you learn guitar online and why should you listen to me?

Hi, my name is Steve and I live near Manchester in the UK. I’ve only been playing the guitar for around 4 years (which in a guitar players life is not much at all). I was a grand age of 32 when I started to learn and I thought I was way too old. The term of “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” kept spinning in my mind.

The thing is I was determined to learn the guitar because I loved music and always dreamed of playing in a band. Ever since my friends and I were young teenagers we always talked about putting together a cool band.

The leader of our teenage pack was a guy called Dave. Now, Dave was always the coolest, always wore the best clothes, always got the girls and he was the first one of us to get a car. So when it came to talking about starting a band Dave always claimed he wanted to be the guitarist / front man. But the thing is not one of us could play a single note on any instrument. Oh, and he said I could play the tambourine in his imaginary band. Yes he really does think a lot of himself.

So anyway, the years past by and everyone in the teenage pack never saw each other.

Moving forward a few years, I bumped into Dave and we got talking about the old days. He invited me to a house party he was holding the following weekend so I gladly accepted as he said all of the old crew from school would be there.

A week later I was at the party, it was great catching up with everyone, then I saw Dave, he was still pretty cool and was bragging about how much money he was making blah blah. Anyway I moved away from him as he bugging the hell out of me.

Suddenly I saw a guitar in the corner of the room, I asked “who plays the guitar?” Dave said “oh nobody, it’s just there for decoration, it cost me £1200, it’s a Gibson Hummingbird”

I replied “I can see that Dave” I walked over and picked up the guitar and everyone began to laugh at me, but then the laughter suddenly stopped as I began to play.

I wish I had a picture of Dave’s face at that moment. Priceless!!

So after just 4 years of learning the guitar my life has completely changed for the better. I’m not kidding.

I used to work in a Bank and I hated every single moment of it and got paid really poor money.

Now I have two jobs but they are jobs I love. My day job is to teach guitar to beginners. I only give 5 lessons a day and I make far more than I ever did working in the Bank.

My other job (and I love this even more) is playing guitar in my band.

Why do I call playing in a band a job? Well, my band is a full professional set up, we play high class events, weddings, 21st birthday parties, army camps and company functions etc. We are only a 3 piece acoustic band playing two gigs every week and we make a nice sum of money each and every time we play! The songs we play are not hard and to be honest most of them are no more than 5 chords each. You’ll realise when you start to learn how many songs you can actually play with just a few chords.

So why am I telling you this? I’m telling you all this because I want you to realise that absolutely anybody can learn guitar in no time at all.

I can now play to a decent standard and I have never even had one lesson from a tutor.

So how did I learn?

I was taught by my computer. I’m serious.

Learning the guitar online is big business because it’s quick, easy, very effective and very very cheap.

To be honest I have seen a drop in the students I teach as everyone is going for the better and cheaper option of learning online.

Thank God I have my band as a source of income!!

Thanks for reading.

Steve Clarke Manchester UK

Source by Stephen Daniel Clarke

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