How Often Should You Call Your Boyfriend – An Answer to This Puzzling Dating Problem

How Often Should You Call Your Boyfriend – An Answer to This Puzzling Dating Problem

How Often Should You Call Your Boyfriend – An Answer to This Puzzling Dating Problem

How often should you call your boyfriend is one of the most frequently asked questions by women in dating relationships. It’s truly unfortunate that men don’t come with an instruction booklet or a how to guide. Instead, we’re left to our own devices trying to determine exactly when we should be picking up the phone to call the man we’re involved with. If you are struggling with trying to decide whether you should be calling your boyfriend more or not, there’s help for you. There are a few very basic calling rules that any woman can follow that will help her untangle this web of confusion.

The simple answer to the question of how often should you call your boyfriend is less than he calls you. That means that if he calls you twice a week, you should be calling him once. The reason this advice is so instrumental is that it keeps the communication part of your relationship very balanced. What typically happens in dating relationships is one partner, almost always the woman, takes on the role of being the primary caller. She picks up all the slack in the relationship when her boyfriend won’t call. She calls him daily and over time shows him, through her actions, that she’ll take care of the calling. Most women really don’t want this job at all and end up doing it by default. They become impatient when their man doesn’t call so they do it.

If you call him less, he’ll call you more. It’s part of the balance that you don’t want to mess with. If a man knows you’ll call him at some point during the day, he’ll be less inclined to call you. He’ll see no reason to. He knows he should expect a call from you because you’ve shown him, through your past behavior, that you’ll call. Therefore it stands to reason that if you don’t call, he’ll have no choice but to call.

If you’ve already made the mistake of calling him much more often than he calls you, this can still be fixed. Pull back slowly now by decreasing the number of calls you’re making to him. He’ll get the hint before long and he’ll actually start to wonder what’s happened to you and why you’re not so eager to call anymore. Anytime a man feels a woman pulling away he’ll work harder to draw her closer. This works in virtually every aspect of your relationship, including communication.

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