How Should Your Answering Service Handle Rude Calls?

How Should Your Answering Service Handle Rude Calls?

How Should Your Answering Service Handle Rude Calls?

If you’re just starting a business it’s important to know that you won’t make everyone happy. Now if you’ve ran your business for some time then you already fully understand this. Most problems that a company will receive from customers will come through on their incoming call center. Customers will call angry about a fault in service or a problem with a product. Whether or not they are right it’s important the situation is handled appropriately and business is saved where possible.

If a caller reaches an automated machine it will only make the issue worse and reaching a voicemail will almost certainly ensure that they don’t return. Inbound calls from aggressive customers may be done out of spite or good reason, but without a proper quality answering service to handle the problem, things can go much worse.

The golden rule:

The number one rule for anyone behind the call desk is to remain calm during an aggressive call. An angry receptionist can make the issue worse. Keep a clear mind and react to the call in a respectable manner. The agent is not supposed to curse or snap back, regardless of how rude the customer may become. Even when a caller is not on his or her best behavior, the receptionist taking the call should be. He or she is expected to act cool and do their best to figure out what is troubling the customer.

Often times an appropriate response from an agent can resolve the issue and keep the customer coming back for continued services. The agent must never lose sight of his job and let personal feelings ruin potential business. The best way to calm an angered customer is to simply listen to his or her problems. Sympathize with the issue and see what can be done to fix it. The caller could easily calm down after seeing your business is there to help in their time of need.

There’s no hope for some:

However, at times you will still receive those callers who are not interested in any form of discussion. They’ll simply wish to abuse the rights of the call center and rant to the agents behind the phone. At these points the proper quality answering service will be able to tag the call as a “prank call” or something to that effect. This will automatically disconnect the call and warn the reception agency any time this individual calls back.

After several attempts at this, the call center will block the number and it will no longer be able to hassle the answering service. While you’ll always hate to lose business in this fashion, there are times when nothing you can say or do will calm the customer. He or she has already decided to discontinue their services and wish only to bother the company.

Answering services will never go out of style:

Angry calls are something any business owner hates receiving. It doesn’t matter if the company has been around for forty years, it’s never pleasing to learn callers are no longer satisfied by your services. However, know that many times a quality answering service can save you this business and calm the callers down. It all depends on who you trust with your call center needs. Make the right decision and your company will thank you.

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