How to Attract a Girl – And Make Her Want to Sleep With You

Seduction needs to be mastered before it would even be possible to make women fall desperately in love with a man. Turning into a master of this art isn’t that big of a deal, really; however, you would have to spend a lot of energy and time into it if you wish to see quick and good results.

Before anything else, you would obviously have to focus on attraction to get the seduction process going. After establishing some sort of attraction, you can then work on seducing your woman of choice.

Do not even attempt to go into female seduction if the woman you want does not seem attracted to you in any way yet. Also keep in mind that getting dates ad getting women into bed are two completely different things. Read on to discover 4 techniques to attract her and get her to bed quickly…

How To Attract A Girl… And Make Her Want To Sleep With You

Technique One: Build your connection. Seduction and connections, in general, are usually always interlinked. What you need to do is build an attraction so strong that all a woman will want to do is be by your side all the time. After spending time flirting and talking to your woman of choice, change the topic to sex eventually in order to produce a subconscious interest from her into that particular subject. Soon, she will be raring to have sex with you after you make your move.

Technique Two: Stimulate her quickly. One other technique you could use in female seduction during sex would be to stimulate her right away to make her long to have sex with you. Bring up sex a lot along with various sexual positions to make her think about having it with you without meaning to. Also, do not just make sure she fantasizes about it, but also ensure that she keeps thinking about it by asking her for comments, as well. You need to make women excited so that they can never say ‘no’ to you when you bring up that particular business.

Technique Three: Put your thoughts into her head. Female seduction will only succeed if you can get a woman to think about having sex with nobody but you. In order to get her to jump into the sack with you in no time, you need to restrain yourself.

Unlike with the technique mentioned earlier where you jump right into the sexual talk, covertly bring in some phrases and words that could slowly end up in sexual acts after your conversations together. Besides, a lot of women don’t prefer the earlier tip anyway. You can instead opt to go for the security route and make her feel safe by always giving her nice relaxing massages and using pheromones to arouse sexual desires.

Technique Four: Make her come towards you. Wait for your woman of choice to come up with sexual ideas on her own. Be patient and never make her feel like sex is all that you are after from her. Also, talk positively about yourself and be self-assured and confident at all times. This happens to be what women want, so doing so will get you great respect. Whenever you can, challenge women and tease them gently.

Keep in mind that seduction happens to be of the utmost essence when it comes to sexuality. It would be vital for you to show how much you like the woman you are going after and flirt with her a lot through your body language. All of this will definitely bring you places in getting women to jump into bed with you much sooner than not.

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