How to Attract Girls – Using Killer Body Language

Guys, here’s something that you might not know -when it comes to making women like you, your BODY LANGUAGE is the biggest factor. Why? It’s because it is what that makes or breaks your first impression that you make on women. Read on to discover the most effective (and yet easy) methods to impress women using killer body language…

Two Killer Body Language Tactics

Tactic Number One – “The Relaxed Posture”. You have got to develop a laid back attitude – being over eager and desperate is a sure attraction killer!

When you approach and talk to a girl, it is important to relax. The key here is to look only very slightly interested. This is so that she subconsciously feels that she will need to work for your attention and approval. Here’s something which you can do to look ‘disinterested’ – try talking to her from the side (don’t face her directly).

Tactic Number Two – “The Barry White”. You have got to speak in a low tone of voice – this conveys confidence and manliness. Your voice is the easiest part of your ‘body language’ to fix – so do this immediately. Speak confidently in a low, loud tone and you will be seen as an attractive man.

It’s absolutely worth it to get voice training. If you squeak like a mouse it will totally turn women off – even if you have got buns of steel. Trust me on this!

Once you have acquired killer body language skills, then you will need to take things ‘to the next level’. If you want to make her go totally head over heels in love with you, then you will need the ‘superpowers’ to build deep rapport with her.

Source by Derek Rake

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