How to Be a Killer Flirt – And Seduce Any Girl You Want Successfully!

How to Be a Killer Flirt – And Seduce Any Girl You Want Successfully!

How to Be a Killer Flirt – And Seduce Any Girl You Want Successfully!

If you have no idea how to flirt with women, there is no way for you to build any attraction. If you have no abilities of flirting and don’t want to learn, then the only way you can attract hot women would be by being extremely rich or famous. However, if you don’t mind working a little to get better game, read on.

The Key to Successful Flirting – Make Women Fall for You in No Time!

Tip #1. Be Cocky. Pay close attention to how some men treat sexy women. Put yourself in the shoes of the hot woman. If she is in public, losers will be all over her all the time. Men shower her with compliments and offer to buy her things. Basically, men are scared to treat her normally.

So, what would be the ideal way to peak her curiosity about you to establish some sort of foundation for attraction? Be a bit cocky. This will end up shattering her reality and bringing her towards you where she will end up playing by your own rules instead of you playing by hers. The secret would be to remember that you need to be the funny kind of cocky. If this isn’t possible, you will only come across as a jerk.

Tip #2. Tease Her. One guaranteed method to build some sexual anticipation would be to tease her. This will make her feel tons of emotions that will instantly pull her to you. However, several areas should remain off-limits.

Never tease her about her looks since you will come across as a jerk. Also, never apologize for teasing her. To be honest, there is nothing you need to apologize for and this will simply make the sexual tension disappear, which would be a bad thing.

Tip #3. Use Hypnosis. This is not widely known, but most men who are good with dating and seducing women are known to be master hypnotists. You don’t need to be a hypnosis guru in order to attract women however. Instead, use this easy tactic called fractionation – which is reputed to be able to make any woman fall desperately in love in 15 minutes or even less!

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