How to Drive a Woman Wild Just by Talking! She Will Be Turned on Within Seconds

When you think of ways to drive your woman crazy enough to want sex with you, you try everything- suggestive gifts, sensuous music and steamy movies. Dirty talk can also help you turn her on. It helps when you have been in a relationship for quite some time and your sex life starts getting predictable and boring. Try these ways to drive her wild with desire just by talking.

You Don’t Necessarily Have to Be With Her

For starters, you can try it over the phone. Call her up and tell her how hot she is looking today and how you want to take her in your arms and do naughty things to her. Or tell her how naughty she was last night and how you enjoyed it. What about one more time? She will feel those hot flushes all over again.

Use Technology

Send her a sexy message or mail her a hot video. And then when she is with you, ask her if she got the message or the video. Tell her you want to try out what was there in the video and see how she reacts.

Play it Safe

If the two of you have not been together for long, it will be wise to talk about safer topics. Maybe you can complement her for her looks or her performance in bed and then proceed to describe some sexual fantasy of yours. Tell her you had a sexy dream and she was there in it. Ask her about her fantasy and let her lose her inhibitions.

The Ultimate Step

The most intimate place to talk dirty things to your woman is obviously your bed. Once she is there with you, talk to her about the touches and moves she makes to excite you without even touching her. Keep your voice to an audible whisper to add some drama and make her lean near you. Once gets close and hears those intimate details, she will want to do all that again.

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